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welcome 2012

esok tahun baru 2012.
I believe there will be lots of entries regarding this.

apepun, Selamat Tahun Baru kepada semua!
semoga apa yg tercatat dlm wishlist tercapai lah ye ;)
hm.. sy pn nk bwat wish jgk sempena tahun baru ni.
not just wishes la I can say. more like matlamat. ape yg sy nk cuba capai utk tahun depan.

1. dapat pekerjaan. hm.. why xnak sambung some people asked. hm.. actually my jealousy upon kwn2 yg belajar kat oversea smakin unbearable. so.. hopefully sy dpt bwat master kt oc.
not easy. no small affair. but.. I have to set my goals right? ni xdek la genius mana.. xde orang dtg nk taja. well.. long way to go. cmne2 pon, kena kumpul duit dlu.

2. berhijrah. berhijrah dari negeri Terengganu. hm.. dad always told me to go out of Terengganu. even so, I am a bit reluctant since abah dh pencen.. but still keje part time kt Klinik kt Petronas Kertih tu. So he won't be around at home much. Mom' she not very well actually. Still working. I know my existence kt umah xdek make such a big different pn. She's still d one who do all the cookings n all. not that sy ni mls sgt nk masak.. just that, I like to eat her cookings..wuuuuu... hm, anyway... somehow..some day.. I must go out. I really want to go out. learn new culture. not Terengganu's. so that I can improve myself.

3. buy a dslr! oh yes, I've been talking a lot about how much I want a dslr right? hm. If I have a job, I can save some for dslr. bukanla nk beli yg mahal gedabak tuh.. beginner level pn da ok. 2nd hand pon da ok sgt2.. sbb sy minat as hobby je. minat nak belajar. I have one in my head. Canon eos 550d. da lame kot kuar.. nk beli yg 2nd je kot. kalo la terlebih saving.. bleh la angkat yg baru punyaa.. or.. yg lg advance ke. hehe.. hopefully bleh beli satu b4 May.

tu material wishes plg obvious la kot takat nih.
kalo nk ckp psl azam lak.. byk je kot yg redundant ngan yg lepas pnya. apelah2.. janji sume2 yg positif.

erk..satu lg.. I wish to meet..or..get to know.. or.. hv any idea whom my Mr Right would be. seyes da makin jeles.. tiap2 taon ade je cuzin yg kawen. yg belom pn, da ade calon. huah.. da bley start cari kotnye.. hohohh..(bkn mmg da lame cari ke?? hahaha) yela.. sy taw sy penah ckp.. nk berchinte pas kawen kan. tp, nk la jgk tahu sedikit sbyk b4 kawen tuh. nk la jgk kawan dlu.. lgpn ak neh bkn la spesis suke nk dating2 ke hape. I'm glad that I'm sort of sorg yg menjaga. huha-huha pn.. xdek r sosial sgt.
bkn nk perasan. tp..mmg perasan diri cmtuh pon. hahaha :P

I also wish that I, my family n my frens..n whoever yg sy kenal.. diberikan hidup yg diberkati. Dijauhkan dari bnda2 xelok. Benda2 yg dimurkai. Semoga dipanjangkan umur. Semoga mati dalam iman. Husnul Khotimah. Semoga..diberi kekuatan untuk meninggalkan ape2 yg terlarang..atau ape2 yg tak disukaiNya. Diberi kebahagiaan dlm keluarga. dlm apa jua pekerjaan. semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dimurahkan rasa bersyukur dalam diri. semoga tidak terlalu memandang dunia berbanding ketaatan sebagai hamba. Semoga Allah sayang. 

sy ada banyak impian, banyak angan-angan. dgr..2012 kiamat.
betul atau tak tahu.
percayakah sy tahun depan kiamat?

yg pasti.. kiamat mmg makin hampir.
org buat dosa tnpa segan silu.
bencana alam sana sini.
usahkan tnda kecil, tnda besar pn byk dh agaknya..

sbb.. sy tahu sy byk buat salah.

sy nk mintak ampun... sy rs.. mcm xlayak.
sy tahu..Allah maha Pengampun.

Ya Allah.. berilah aku kekuatan.
Dunia terlalu mempersona..
sedang aku tahu hakikat Syurga lg Indah.

kerana itu.. berilah aku kekuatan.

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an inspiring blog I read.

hye again.. hurm.. 
here to share something with you.

ok. disini sy bukan nak bergosip ke hape. pay attention n read till the last dot. alrite?


these 2 days.. I've been reading this one blog.

who's he?


I get to know this guy. well.. I just heard of him.. after I saw che wan's relationship status.
hopefully u guys smpai ke jinjang pelamin lah ye :)

but thats not the main point here.
I'm a person full of curiosity.
I wonder.. what kind of guy would che wan like.. bcuz obviously.. she's a really remarkable person I've ever known.

a little stalking.
ends to his blog.

he's a medic student.
president of medical student society or something. of Malaysia okay.
which obviously..means.. he's also a remarkable person.
c'mon. wudn't be easy to be that far.

he travels alot. meet great people.. people of pengaruh alot..
go to big occations alot.
be representative alot.
(hensem lak tu..haha :P)

what a person to know.

but.. the thing is..
the way he talks in his blog.
full english.
you can see maturity in his writings.

although, he might just the same age as me.
ok, maybe older..a year or two.
but that's not a really big gap isn't it?

I see he wrote mostly important things in his FB.
obviously not like me.. yg sgt byk brangan ini.
update status yg ntah pape.

another thing.. hm. he's a anak dato'
maybe it's a major reason he wud've a strong background.

but..c'mon. lets not be so skeptical.

he even proudly drive Proton Saga yg lama pnya version. crappy..he said.
he must've worked hard to be who he is now.
besides.. he's a doctor to be. medic student.
duhh.. org bijak2 je bleh dpt course medic kan.

so.. how come both of us sangat berbeza?
bcuz I lack determination? bcuz I didn't born in rich anak dato'?
bcuz of..what?

don't blame other people. blame myself.

it's not that i want to be him. neither do che wan.
(both suits each other greatly. oh my.. what a couple )
I just want to be the best of myself.

alrite zarin.. 2012 is nearing.
a great time to start.

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The Guy

here again. talking to myself.

hm.. lately.. well, actually.. since 4-5 months ago..
I..err... I..kinda...erm.. sort of... having.. a crush on this one guy..
(oh my, this is so embarrassing! ouuuhh)

the thing is.. how to let him know?
err...should I?
hm.. sometimes I think this is perhaps just a mind trick.

hm.. this guy.. well, i heard he liked(?) me..when I was in school days.
secret admirer la kununnye..hahaha..
(sungguh xsgka.. a dork n a shy person who rarely talk to boys other than those in her class)

but..maybe I don't pay such attention to rumors..
cuz I was keeping my heart to someone else at that time.

(n I also heard I was one of the girls yg femes kt skolah tu. femes di klgn senior? ironinye, i never knew it! haha.. i found it out just recently while chatting with my ex-schoolmate. aku : femes? haha.. lawak apekah?? diam2 cam ak pn bleh femes. yg ultimately mengherankan adelah..empunya badan xtahu menahu pon. seriusly.. spjg igtn ak la.. ak diam je dlu. byk ckp pn ngan bdk2 dorm or kelas.. or..some girls in my batch. ade sorg dua je yg usha.. tu pon batch ak.. tp ak..well.. xbrp nk accept la the idea.. cuz, as i mentioned b4.. there's someone else in my head. or heart? what ever.. )

xbley ckp la skola mana.. nnti obviously kantoi. heuheu..

erm.. me n this guy xdek history pon.
we talked (er.. actually..chatted) once. I knew that the fact he liked me from a fren. his fren actually. one or two years ago.. but, i don't take it that seriously cuz I thought "okay, thats a long gone story. perhaps he has a girlfriend now. too bad I know this late..hahha" 
ouh.. fyi, i knew that after being dumped. so.. it's ok lah nk pk cmtuh..kot.. hahaha

then, there's an event this year.. that.. errm.. well...(ahh.. this is so obvious, isn't it?)

ok fine! screw the secret! hahaha.. I'm so bad keeping this to myself. haha..

okay.. there's a reunion. many ex students gather again. he's there. sincerely, I do looked for him. nmpknye, still berharap kah? haha.. but we didn't talk. how can I talk? to a guy? that i never talked to? never have a thing to talk about? duhhh

after the event.. at home.. FB-ing.. some seniors added me. I approved. n one of them say hi to me, chatted a bit.. n told me.. that guy..The Guy I mean.. wants to get to know me.

oh my.. seriously?? or..perhaps he just saying that bcoz he knew The Guy was once a secret admirer of mine?
he kept on saying The Guy will say hello to me someday. 
and.. obviously, I was kinda waiting for it. hahha.. oh malunye saye >.<

not long after that.. The Guy did say Hello to me. 3am in the morning. He's on the chatlist. online. I was.. well.. couldn't sleep that night. I was so surprised. hahaha..

so we chatted. talked about studies..and what to do after grad.. n so on. 

n that's it. 

after that.. we haven't spoken until now. no development. *sigh*

haha.. well.. I did saw a girl.. on his wall.. posting something to him.. n saying hi n stuff..
maybe that's his gf? 
melepas lah sudah~

(dun laugh. i can guarantee u'll stalk the person you like. :P)

but it wasn't something so confirmed about.
yes they do seemed close.. but, no 'sayangs' or what ever lovers callings I can see.
but seeing 'awk' a bit of hurting lah jugak. haha.. i definitely can smell jealousy there.

so..what now? I can't help to stalk him. Is this love? wahaha.. so tricky =.=
soooo...cheesy.. hahaha..

love is another thing. this is just a 'like'. should I tell him? but..I'm not gonna say it.. too shy for that.
just.. how to let him know? or..should I really let him know?
what if he really hv a girl rite now? that would be very embarrassing.
so.. he won't know lah ni? then I won't stand a chance lah?
sad lah plk.
haha.. this crush thing is sick.

this kind of things? doksoh brangan lew..huhuks 

p/s: good to know my heart slowly opens.
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La Parfum Shop

yaw everybody! feelin' good?
ouf..where's my manner?

ok, Assalamualaikum~
xjwb dosa, jawab sayangg~~ ewahh

Zarin.. kamu.. sile.. jgn.. nak.. gedik2...pulaks..

haha.. eish.. skali skale nk ngade2..
okeng, xtvt berblogging agak slow lately. 
becuzz.. ade satu mnde yg sy cube nk usahakan.

guess what...
I'm now selling perfumes. 1st attempt into the so called business world. eheh..meh2 la jenguk ;)
~La Parfum Shop~ <--klik 
okay.. it's LAUNCHING time! :D since Christmas is also around the corner, I'm giving you RM5 discount for each perfume!! FREE postage also! Like the page, another RM2 discount! (am I crazy?) hohoho..

erk.. bg discount sempena krismas? adekah sy menyambutnye??
oh tentulah tidak. but somehow our customers yg bkn muslim pn nak jgk offer pape kan.

so..korangg kalo nk beli perfume, ckp kt sy je nk mana satu.. I'll try to give you very-the-cheap price.

 100% original ada..
yg reject nyer ori pun ada.. 
gred AAA pn ada..

just name it. nina ricci? ck? hugo boss? dior? givenchy? kalo xde dlm album, bleh request. I'll ask my supplier ;)

why I say cheap?
sebab barang xmasuk butik..or market lg.. so, sy pulak xde nak tanggung sewa kedai ke..ape ke..
cheap2 je sudah la kann?? ;)
item pun direct drp supplier~

kite pn baru nak mula..huhu..

so, do kindly visit the page. like. n search.
inshaAllah sy akan buat byk promosi..

knape tetibe perfum Zarin?

ahah.. sebab.. sy..suke..bau wangiii~~
kalo nk tido, mesti spray dlu kasi wangi..
baru bestt..;D
tp, xmampu la den nak beli perfum mahal2 just utk spray bilik kann?
gred AAA pn da ok..

ape bnda perfum gred AAA ni smenanye??

ouh.. ianya perfum. hm.. some say it's an immitation. some said 90% yg ori cmpur 10% alcohol.. so thats why lasting power dy kureng compared to ori punya..
so korg nk percaya yg mana? :p least 4-6 jam lah jugak. xde la skjap bebeno. depends on perfum lah jugak.

but if u hv bigger budget.. i suggest u go for ori ones la. cuz.. ada yg lasting smpai seharian! slh satu contoh acqua di gioia.. spray ari ni, esok pn boleh bau lg.. tp dh hawa2 la.. tu da kre extreme da bleh tahan smpai 1 hari. anyway, still depends pd perfum jgk.. sbb acqua di gioia tu, logic la.. sbb lg concentrated..

uih.. mcm hape je promot.. hehe..
apepun, sile2lah dtg melawat La Parfum Shop yek ;)
p/s: nk cter mnde len sbnrnye.. haih.. simpan utk next time lah.. heuheu
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bila saya da ckup duit nanti..
saya nak beli dslr sebijik.
tak kira!


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"manade cantik...bese2 je.."

are yaar... kiya hua?

mood 3 idiots

tp bkn nk ckp psl 3 idiots pn.

today I post my thoughts as fb status after ternampak satu gmbr one of my typically friend.
surprisingly, rmai lah plk yg like.
xde ape pun. bkn gmbr pelik2 yaw.
she's a girl yg pkai tudung labuh, smiled n pose sket tepi cermin.
xde ape sgt pn kan.

cume.. yg makes me more rs nak gelak n sedikit annoyed is.. comment2 kt bwh tu.
mostly, org puji lah.. mmg bdk tuh cun pn. sy tgk pn.."eh, sape ni? junior skolah ak ke? cun lah jugak"
then she replied.."eh, xdelah.. bese2 je.." or " ishh... huduh je ni.."
dan seangkatan dgnnye lah.
ni bkn based on her pic je lah..
based on gmbr2 org len jgk lah..

nk bwat cmne.. fren list 1000 lebih, mcm2 berita lah kuar kt homepage.. (kite bkn retis ni, xdpt lah nk 2000 lebih frens..keh3)
makes me thinks..
that girl td.. seems nice. but, perhaps it'll be nicer if she didn;t upload the pic. makes her seems a humble n shy person.
ok, shy di sini bkn pemalu yg smpai nk ckp pn susah. shy=malu yg tahu melindungi harga diri. yg xsewenang-wenangnye memaparkan kecantikan diri pada sebarang org. 

so.. makes me abit upset lah. 

tell me again, what's the motive of uploading such pics at the first place?
obviously nk dipuji. xbyk pn sikit. elehh..xpyh la nk deny. sy juge pernah jek. haha..
skali skale so, I clearly know ape perasaannye bile ade org puji. kompom kembang leww..

kalo nk ckp dari sudut islamik.. bkn ke, perhiasan pling indah pd wanita adelah sifat malu? then.. kecantikan tu.. bkn ke patutnye tunjuk pd suami? bkn la suruh ngan org len kne huduh2..ishh.. cume.. mksd sy.. simpan la kecantikan tu..mesti hepi punyelah kalo ur husb is the 1st guy to see how actually beautiful you are.. again, pndapat sy lah. ngan org len bese2 dh la.. xpyh nk cantik super2 sgt. just be appear nice n sedap mata memandang dh la.

(btulla.. perasaan nk dipuji tu yg dorong nk upload gmbr2 cmtu. siyesly.. ckp jujo ni)

but, xleh nk slhkan bdk tuh jgk. xpenah pn nmpk dy upload sblm nih. mebi dy just nk try market? sy dulu pn..upload satu dua yg konon2nye cun pn motifnye just nk try market jgk. hahaha.

erk.. ni bkn nk hentam bdk tu jela. ni ckp secara overall. nmpk kelakar bile org puji then ckp 'ehh..bese2 jela..' i mean, uploading posed pics..cute looking..with obvious intention to obtain pujian.. rs..x necessary kot. 
ni pendapat sy lah.
kalo nk upload gmbr ngan member2, xpe lah. at least motive utk share gmbr beraktiviti ke ape ke..

u'll know what kind of gmbr that i said 'obvious intention to obtain pujian'. u just know. even depends pd niat masing2 yg mebi kte xtahu, still.. what's the motive.

(sy da mula ckp berbelit-belit....)

my point is.. xperlu lah kot nk upload gmbr solo, posing2 cun or cute. bikin riak je nnti bile org duk puji2. xbaik utk kesihatan~
tak takot ke nnti ade org save as dlm komputer? kalo dpt kt org yg berniat jahat cmne..
then.. ble org puji tu.. beri la jwpn brilliant skit. jgn la ckp.."huduh je ni.." sume org cntik. cntik dgn cara masing2. how dare ckp God's creation huduh. xbersyukur kah? how about.." ha'ah, mmg aku cantik ponn" ? hahaha

to me.. sorg pompuan tu cantik.. bile selalu senyum. pkai tdung (seems nicer).. less make up..but not selekeh. simply, pkai la bdak..pkai lipbalm ke sket.. basics lah. xde la nmpk berminyak je muke, bibir pn pucat lesi xbermaya.. n then, girls yg xberfesyen2 sgt. sometime fashion tends to make people to look odd. simple2 sudaa. then.. yg suka memasak. xsemestinya pakar, bcoz nk obtain kepakaran tu mebi susah kot. at least ade keinginan nk rajin ke dapur lah. then.. girls yg kemas n bersih. yg suka budak-budak. girls yg solat n mengaji.. yg peramah dan cerdik. yg hormat org tua.. ckp softly2 gtew..

bcoz beauty ni sgt subjective.. 
I choose to look the beauty that appeals from inside. lelaki ke pompuan..same je.

=this is one of facebook's contras. makes people tend to upload unnecessary photos in it. so.. results yg kebanyakannye unnecessary pun timbul lah jgk=
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jatuh sakit

eurghhh.. ngantoknye =.=
tp bru pkul 10.16.
haih. cmne neh?
nk cter ape?
ntah la..
mamai jek rs..

td ade idea nk tulis ape.
dah lupe plk.


btw, nenek sy xsihat sejak akhir2 ni.
xlarat nk bwat ape.
makan xlalu..
demam da ok dah..

she said it started ms hari raya haji bru nih.
lepas tgk lembu kena sembelih semua.

sblm ni ok jek. kali ni....ntah. jadi mabuk gtu.
so, org tua.. besa la.. rs sakit2 ni gara2 tgk lembu2 tu la.
smpai skrg bkn takat xbleh mkn daging lembu, dgr perkataan lembu tu sndiri pn xbleh.

nk bwk pegi spital, beliau xnak.
takut xdek org nk jage katanya.


ade sgt je laa..

sy pn.. ada pegi tdo umah nek dua-tiga hari nih.
sbb xdek org kt umah dy.
ayah ren keje mlm. 

hopefully, if anyone yg rerajin terview belog sy ni.. tlg la doakan kesembuhan beliau skali ek. huhu

(oh..idea td da dtg siyes sy super ngantuk. off dulu lah kot..)
till then, bye~

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aidiladha, dreams & 2pm in town!

hai, salam aidilAdha~

byk nk bercerita cam mls pulak nk menaip. ngantok sbnrnye, siang td whole day traveling balik Dungun.

bg point jelah. aci?

1. raya haji, bese2 je.. adela berjalan ke rumah sdara2 sbrg dua. ada bwat qurban. kerbau.

2. for 3 days berturut-turut duk mimpi guys yg penah@ sedang minat. heran bin ajaib. xdek plk terpikir. adoii. ari tu si 'A', next day si 'J' plk.. then esoknya lg si 'I' plk.LOL :P

3. paham takk dlm duk google psl ikan yg seolah2 tawaf bile dgr takbir, then jumpe la satu blog nih (yg mmg la ade cter psl ikan tu)..then from that blog juge saye dapat tahu 25th ni 2PM got asia tour kt stadium merdeka! 

(nickhun: kualla llumporr :P)

ok, sincerely..masa mula2 tgk, I was like..
"oh my God! kena pergi nih! opportunity nk jumpe abam taecyeon n chansung nihh!!!"
tu 1st impression lah.
then ble da rasa rasional sket..
(after da tgk ticket price n all jugak..)
"zarinn, ko xkannye pegi konsert bagai nih. mmg la minat 2pm tu(T__T), tp.. u wudn't go that far kan? come on la zarin, be rational okay?"

so..okaylah. sy pn mana minat pergi konsert2 neh. xde nak brgn2 pn..
eii..dh la rmai org, bising2.. sempit, lemas.. imagine saje pn da geleng2 kpale.

tp..kalo 'kebetulan' g KL time tuh..'ter'lalu stadium negara.. n 'ter' tunggu abam2 perkasa tuh kuar.. aci x? ngahaha..
alaaa... tgk bumbung je pn boleh la...
knowing ade abam2 perkasa under that roof at that moment pn da ckup baik dahh..

(harap mklum anda sudah berlagak sperti peminat yg fanatik n psiko ok)

haihh.. dunia..dunia..
dah tahu hiburan semata-mata yg xdek faedah apepun, still nk amik tahu. huhu..
mnde2 ni la yg menjauhkan ak dr igt pd Allah..

tp....... still layan gak..hmm :(

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chansung lg! kekeke

you know what.. smlm saye mimpi chansung lg!! kekeke..
(sy ade cter x ms sy mimpi g picnic ngan chansung n d geng? rs cam pernah.. la plk nk cter lg yg tu..huhu)

okeh..kali ni, mimpi chansung injured. ke..ade hal ape ntah.. yg bwat dy xdpt nk perform utk konsert.
bleh dy mntak tlg sy utk gantikan..??!
humang aih..

gile hape.

so.. kte ni pn duk pulun r menghafal step.
lirik lagi.
akrobatik trus kott.. huhu..

demimu chansung..cewahh.. go on jela..i want to look impressive in his eyes. ngahaha :P
ku tempuh jua.
but this time the feeling is not like the previous mimpi where sy sgt la amat malu ngan dy masa tuh.
kali ni sempoi je..
ckp bahasa melayu rilek je.. hahaha

(ni msti sbb tertgk album chansung smlm kt fesbuk. tpnye.. tgk sbb TERtgk je.. dah ade kt sidebar tuh. tgk pn satu album je. parox.. trus masuk mimpi kau..=.=")

neves la jgk. konsert kot. kte neh da la TERER ckp bahasa korea. adoyai..
smpai abes duk hafal lirik..

part of me nak je sambung mimpi tuh. tp..other part nak cepat2 sedar dr mimpi.. sbb takut nk naik stage. lirik xigt lg..huuu.. mampus!

so..akhirnye keputusan dibuat. 
"Zarin, cepat bukak mate! cepat bangun dr mimpi!!"

dan... begitulah ending kisah sy ngan chansung smlm.

p/s: fanatik kah aku...?

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Jay's coming back..? nehh..

hye.nk cter something neh.remember when I told you about this one guy yg I minat masa kt umt dulu..?ala.. yg nicknamed as Jay tu laa..

hmm..I dunno la..we chat quite frequently sjak akhir2 nih. kat fesbukwhere he's d one who started it.

dy tahu ke aku minat dy ritu? haih.. apesal tibe2 rajin plk chat ngan ak neh. dah la xde sengal2 mcm awal2 ktorg chat dulu.
mase mula2 tegur kt fesbuk, ade la jgk komen ke, chat ke ape..
tp mostly cam meloyar je.. merepek.. kona sana sini. 
ak..ble da dgr khabar2 angin yg dy da nak bertunang lah.. nak kawen lah ape lah..xde r nk minat sgt dah. da berpunye, bwat ape nk berharap. kueng2.. lgpn..minat gtu2 je.. bukanye tahap head over heal.  so, anggap as senior jela.. sbb tu xde nak cover2 sgt dah..hahaha. in my eyes..this guy sengal sangat ghupenye.

but lately, mcm kureng je merepeknye. huhu. sort of direct je. ok, ade la guraunye. tp..xde r mengom2 pnya tahap kesengalannye ituh. mildly la org kate.

ke aku je yg prasan lebih2 ni? adoyai..

smpt lg bleber kt ak.. suh pkai spek je, sbb nmpk lg educated. (n lg comel. haha.. xtipu ok. :P)
i was like.. erk..apekah. ske ati la nk pkai spek ke x. nak gak ak merasa tak berspek. uh..

i mean.. why's he telling me what not to do or..what looks good in his eyes?
ok..mgkin ak yg terlebih prsn kot. again.

mebi he's just saying what he thinks.nothing more or less.
lgpn..mebi sbb ak salu update status n pkcik tuh nyer fren list xde r rmai sgt.. so, terperasan la kalo ak update pape kn. ade r rs nak menegur. logik r kan.

ahh.. ak je yg prsn lebih nih.. ish.. dy kan da ade kak _ _ _. da heboh kot.. kunun2 dorg xde r declare ke ape, tp..masing2 taw r suke atr satu same len. ak paham la sbb ak pn penah cenggitu. ops.

haha. last2..ak jgk yg xdek calon nk bergosip. haih.. zmn kegemilangan da lame berlalu daa.. 
bru nk minat kat org itu ini.. taw2 da ade gosip ngan dat gurl n this gurl. haih. ni mls nk minat kat sape2 nih. LOL 

kat manelah awk ni Mr Right. jenuh tunggu tahu..huhu

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 0 comments

haila tanam anggur

bosan gak tanam anggur hari2.
bosan..sbb xdpt income.

td browse tenet, cri keje.
jumpe r satu dua yg berkenan gile di hati.
bkn keje degree based la. keje cikai2.
tp.. kat gong badak lah plk.
sy mana ade penginapan kt sane.
kenderaan yg legal pnya pn xde.
xbrani jgk asek nk bwk moto je.
even xpenah la stkt ni kena tangkap kan..

taw keje ape?
keje kt kedai gmbr.
paham x..kt kedai gmbr, possibility nk maen dslr tu tinggi?
haha. lg satu.. dy cari yg minat photografi..n pndai edit gmbr.
er.. sy xde r terel sgt bab mengedit tuh, tp..minat tu mmg minat r.

kereta..oh kereta..
bestnye kalo ade kereta sendiri.
td ade jgak bbrp kereta 2nd hand yg berkenan.
ade yg murah. ade yg mahal.
yg penting, auto! haha
nak myvi sbenonye. tp.. minimum 30k.
aiya.. mana mau cari duit maa.
ade la yg murah.. kancil, 9k gtu..
still..berat ati.
alang2 ade kete.. nak la yg best2.
da la kete myvi yg sy jumpe tu kaler merah.
paham tak sy mmg nak kete myvi kaler merah??!

pyh nk bergerak ke sana..keari ngan aman.
nk keje, kne ade pengangkutan sdiri.

duit byk nk pkai..tahun dpn.
nk pegi _ _ _ _ _ la..
parent nk g haji la..

duit oh duit..

oh ye.. start esok, sy ade join festival konvo kt uitm dungun neh.
anak kwn mak bukak kedai bunge.
sy ni..xde r minat sgt bab2 gubah bunge nih.
terel pn tidak.
tp.. i think this as an opportunity to gain pengalaman.
so BE IT!

since ade sorg member (not really member la.. just a senior kt skolah lame yg befriend kt fesbuk) yg salu maen dslr said sy ni good in compo (even sy sndiri pn masih xbrp clear compo tu ape.. but, ikot pemahaman sy..compo or composition ni..mcm kedudukan object dlm gmbr.. xde r berterabur ke ape.. that give the photo a story or wuteva) so.. it's kinda make me believe that gubah bunge shudn't be that hard la for me. as long bunge tu nmpk harmoni.. jd lah tu..kot.. haha.

zarin.. brani kau join mende yg ko mmg xde involvement lgsg neh. ak nk tgk je kucar kacir cmne ko nnti..

haipp! ak xbleh org cbr ak neh. we'll see..we'll see!

tu je kot stkt neh. wish me luck ea. doakan skali dipermudahkan sy dpt kete sebijik. tehee :D
Friday, October 14, 2011 2 comments


hai hai haii~~

lame dh xupdate. psl konvo sy pn xcte lg kan?
(nk cte skrg rs cam da basi jek..huhu)

briefly jela ek. 2hb oct bebaru ni sy konvo. yeah, tamat sudah pengajian slame 3 tahun kat umt.
people often say.."bestnye konvo! bestnye da grad! jelesnye.." n so on. bese je. huhu.
actually agak kelam kabut r sbb sy bukak booth.
jadi partner si fuzah.
cewah..lgkah pertama nk jd businesswoman nih.

House of Colors nama diberi~

so..nk handle booth lg, nk keep up ngan konvo lg..
well, quite an experience la. I like gaining experiences. addicted to it.
then.. a friend of mine bg pinjam dslr die woo! ni ade kt dlm bilik ni ha..
harusla manfaatkan sebaiknye!
tp duk umah ni, bkn ade teman nk diajak kuar utk pektis shoot itu ini.
so, stakat neh..stuck lg r proses pembelajaran tuh.
anyway, still got time since he asked me to return it to him by the end of this year..
(mebi xde la selama tu kot sy pjm. ala, duduk sekampung.. bleh je nk bg trus kalo dy balik dungun. kalo nk, sy pergi htr je trus kt umt pn xpe)
thanks alot buddy! jgn claim suh jd awek sudaa.. haha
pure frenship okeh! :P i am now.. duk umah. xde keje pape lg stkt neh.
plannye..nk jgk cri keje kecik2 dlu.
plmn is important kan.
besides, mcm byk je job offers yg memerlukan pglmn kerja..plg kurg setahun..huhu

oh ye.. one of my wishlist's going to be fulfilled next year.
muahahahaha.. hepi tahan gaban!

xsabau beno dh rsnye nk . . . .. . . .  . .
hehe.. nnti ble da tibe masanye, sy bg teaser ok
(idea da mcm2 kuar dlm kepala! yihaaa~~)

oh, ini bkn mengenai kawen ok.
mcm xde bnda len je..
(org xckp pn lg..haha)


sat.. nk bercerita psl siwon sbnrnye neh. next post la mebi..heuheu.. cam xbest je kalo skalikan. nnti org search choi siwon, kuar post ntah pape..hoho
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i hate this part right here

this is not the song by PCD. but the title suits d feelings rite now.

hmm.. sedih sbnrnye ni.
tp..mungkin terlalu public utk ditulis kat cni.
and this makes me losing all d convo feelings. seriously.

ntah la..
I dunno what to do.
is it really my fault.....?
sincerely, I don't think so... 


sekadar gambar hiasan

I blame the internet for putting us apart. I can't apologize for something I didn't do. neither do coaxing. it's just not my thing. usually I may say 'it's not macho..' but, in this case.. I don't feel that I have to.

p/s: this got nothing to do with Mr Right

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longg talk.

ok. skrg da ade mood nak tulis.. bagus!
ekceli.. sy baru balik keje. n i was like..having a happy n great mood.
balik umah..on lptop..bukak fesbuk..
nmpk ade msg kt inbox.
adoyai.. boleh plk si tasha tnye kte solan 'bombastik'.

spoil kejap. ak pon da xigt ari ni harinye. 
whatever nk ckp lebih2.
mls nk amik taw lebih2 jugaa.. huhu

er.. nk tulih mende dh td ek..?
(ala..da stat down sket2 neh..cmne neh?? caiyok zarin! you can do this! abaikan..abaikan..abaikan..abaikan..! this got nothing to do with you. cepat tulis ape ko nk tulis, n trus tdo!)

haha.. boleh tak jgn over2 sgt? ko xde nye down cmtuh.. i know you lah!
haha...saje je bwat ayat sedih sket. ishk.. org nk tacing2 sket pon xbley.

back to our story..
there is this one girl.. kt tmpt keje sy. nadia (bkn nama sbnr) same umo ngan saye. 21. promoter jgk, tp bg produk len. orgnye kecik aje. 
yg sy nk cter psl dy ney..
dy da lame kawen. kawen gantung.
then bebaru ni..baru bwat yg betul2 punya.
perot pon da makin membesar.
kre nmpk la obvious sket dr masa sy mula2 masuk dulu.
masa sy masih xtaw dy da mengandung.. sy salu rasa perot dy tuh. sbb nmpk buncit.
tnye dy..mengandung ke? dy xjwb. sengih2 je. ambe ni pom dibiarkan membuat andaian sendiri.
muda lg..tak kot.. n bermacam lg

(apesal rs cam skema ngat ayat2 sy mlm nih? ishk)

smpai la bru..bru other staff bgtaw..da lame dh sbnrnye.
*ceh..akuh takkan tertipu lg!
so..da xbg dy bwat keje berat r.
haha.. kalo org terlanggar dy, trus sy sound (marah2 gurau la mksdnye. haha)
haha.. dah mcm bodyguard dah rsnye.
yela..ktorg berdua je promoter kt wtsons tu. so.. ktorg salu bersama2 r..dh staff wtsons yg len sume asek busy je..uhuhu
salu je dy cter time suwit muit dy ngan hubby dy.
erk.. jgn slh fhm.
ala..suwit muit yg mcm kapel2 bwat la.. bkn yg ekstrem2 tuh. eishk.
cume ni cter halal. suke r dgr.

jeles kotttt..
dy bru cter cket.. sy dah mula 
"waaa!! comelnye!!" 
or.."oooohh!! sweeetnye!!"
xketinggalan " arhhhh!! geramnye!!" 
dan "arhhhh!! jelesnye!!!"

adoyai. over kan?

nk bwat cmne.. kte ney.. azam nk berchinte lepas kawen.
calon pon xdek..nk berangan ngan sape pon xde.

*eii..nanges kang! sy xbley kalo jeles terlebih nih. mau jeles smpai kuar air mata jgk! LOL

kalo kapel duk bwat bnda sweet muit.. sy xbrp nk jeles pon. seriously.
jeles tu lebih kpd org yg da kawen.

wei zarin..pehal ckp psl kawen plk ney?? gatal eaa??
haha.. ala, pompuan..ske je ckp bab neh. wekk
oo..dah tu..kawen r cepat2...hehe
erk..xbley r. hati xterbuka lg. uhuk.. ntah mana aku buang kuncinye ak pn xtaw la..
ceh. hyperbola!
lalala..seyes la.. org x terasa nak trima mana2 lelaki lg..
ckp jela xde calon! kah2
wek.. yela2.. xdek calon. xdek org nak kat aku ney..
olololo..bwat ayat sedih lak. ala.. ak paham la. ko kan mana reti nak sosial2. nk ckp ngan lelaki pon terketar2.. mcm mana laa nk jumpe calonnye.. kalo bkn kwn sekelas ko, bkn satu skolah or satu u..bkn kwn sekerja ko..ko mmg bwat dono je kn..
itula.. aku pom rsau neh.. cmne la aku nak jumpe Mr Right aku nnti..
hahah..ko neh. smpai ke USA pikirnye. ala.. the right guy will come when d right time comes. duhh.. chill r. enjoy your youth. byk jimat pe skrg. xde r nak abes kredit msg or call pkwe ke ape.. lucky sgt dahh tu. ngee
yela2.. ei.. setan kat sebelah neh duk cucuk ak. si nafsu pon same berkolaborasi ngan dy. ak jgk yg kne leter ngan ko kan??
haha..wei..da jauh melencong kte neh. sambung cter cepat!
ok bos! roger that!

er..where was I?
oh ye.. so, begitulah cternye. sy jeles pd member sy tuh.

esok last day keje.
sedih sket2 je.
skat 2bln lah jgk keje.
y? saje..
motif kerja: 
1.cari pglmn + pengetahuan
2.cari pendapatan
3.isi masa lapang
4.tambah kenalan
sume tu sy dah dpt. ape lg?
keh3..cabut r.

nanti inshaAllah sy n kwn saye nk buka booth. jual shawl. seyes xde pglmn tang tu.
sbb tu sy trima offer dy! nk tmbh pglmn n income! hehe

aktif ke? xdela.. org nk berjaya xleh mls2. lgpon da besar, da kena serius dlm hidup..huhu

hopefully berjalan ngan lancarnye lahh! ehe

haa! satu lg. smlm terpndg satu vid clip lagu.. anak ibnor reza n ade one guy tu nyanyi. anak ibnor reza tu best kott sore dy! yg guy tuh..kureng sket. huhu..
nnti sy post entry khas utk itu ek.
yg sy nk cter psl lagu tuh..
tajuk dy pom dh catchy.
"I stalk your profile"
keh2..nk gelak je festaim dgr.

mcm menganjing je. haha..
sy ni kan suke stalking profile org..
laki pompuan same je. tp rsnye pompuan lg byk kot. ahaha..

mcm hape je stalk profile pompuan
yelah. dah member2 comel sgt. geram la. haha..
xbrp nak ade mood tuk stalking lelaki.
xbrp kenal ekpom.. xdek yg mcm chansung or taecyeon. haha

weh zarin.. I dare you not to stalk these 2 particular person for one week!
weii..kantoi arh! syp2 sket bolehh takk??
ala.. bkn ak mention pon sape2.. berat je (LOL XD)
yelah2. one week je taw. :P
eii..ko ni. scary lahh!
eishh..rilek r. everybody got people to stalk what.
mane ko taw?
aku taw lah.

er.. tgk tu, ckp sket..terus nk monolog2.. hapelaa..
abaikan je. sy mmg ske je gaduh ngan sy yg satu lg tuh.

dah..xde kot. itu je kot. pjg plk merepek nnti. so..
guess..till then, wassalam~

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come here you dear mood!

ade byk bnda nak tulis.
tp..mood xdtg.


Sunday, September 11, 2011 2 comments

on d news + another inspiration

kawan saye masuk surat khabar lahh!
haha.. bangge je rs. even xde r rapat mana pom..
hee.. retiss ek skrg??
helo2.. one page of her story only kay..
haha.. hape kene ni zarin ei.. bkn awk pn yg masuk surat khabar. rilek2 sudahh..
eish.. person of inspiration tuh! haruslaa kecoh sket. keh3..
ala.. member masuk surat khabar.. xkan la xeksaited. ish2.. mung ni gopp :P

 and td..dlm duk stalking profile member2..
ternampak la satu pic.. wife senior yg upload..tag kt senior sy tuh.. so..kuar la kt homepage sy kan..
dari ari tu lg sy ske stalking dy neh..
sy xde r rapat ngan si senior neh. tego pn xpenah. 
tp add je kt fesbuk. saje tmbh connection.
oh.. I'm talking about sorg senior kt sbpik. my ketua kawad kaki dlu..

tp seyes r.. mmg untung gile r senior sy tuh dpt dy.
uhu..senior sy tu pom makin bagus orgnye skrg..
dulu kt skola..mcm gile2 jgk kot..(ntah la..xsure plk.. xamik taw sgt..)
tp skrg.. makin alim..
bg nasihat..n share good stuff on his fb. islamik. da brubah..
nmpk kt fb..pkai jubah raye bru ni..
kt Melbourne tuh.. slumber~
I like! hehehh

like lah blake zarin wehh

wife dy..Ya Allah..comelnye xtaw nk ckp cmne.
seb baik la islamik..xde seksi2 ke..
krg sket fitnah..huhu
kesimpulannye..sejuk la mate ni memandang..

Hope someday bleh jd someone yg mcm tu..
sbb tang gile2 tu..mmg sy dah xbleh nk elak dah..habit org kate..
so.. smoge sy ni behave la bebaik. xde nak sosial2 sgt..

awk neh asek nak jd cam org ni.. bile nak jd diri sendiri..?
err.. I am being myself. cume sy berharap myself tuh..seorg yg behave. tak salah contohi org2 yg inshaAllah baik kan? xslh nak jd org yg sejuk mate memandang kan? mebi bg org mcm sy..yg huha2 neh.. pyh la kot nak achieve condition mcm org2 yg sy respect nih. cth..suwit muit, comel, shy n all feminin. behave all d time. but, at least..I'm trying. rite?
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Cinta Muka Buku

2-3 hari nim.. watsons pasang lagu baru..
er.. xde la baru sgt kot.
cam best la plk.
tgk video klip lagu tuh pom cam sweet jek..
(awk memang..tgk mana2 psgn pon kate sweet..)
manade.. tak semua ok. sy ckp psl vid tuh ok. hurrrr..
so.. layan kan..

Cinta Muka Buku

Tajuk Lirik Lagu: Cinta Muka Buku
Artis/penyanyi: Najwa Latif

Kita berkenalan hanya dalam laman muka buku
Kau hantar petanda suruh aku terima kamu
ooh.. Hati ku rasa sesuatu..
Dan pabila kau kata kau mahu jumpa aku
Ku gelisah berdebar hati rasa tak menentu
oohh.. Kenakah rasa itu..
Bagaimana harus bersua
Ku rasa gementar tapi bahagia
Perlukah kita cari peluang pertama
Walaupun kita tak pernah berjumpa
Banyak persoalan yang berada di minda
Banyak tanda tanya dan juga kata kerja
Otak kata jangan hati pula kata ya
Hidup tak menentu adakah ini cinta
Banyak soalan banyak juga jawapannya
Kata hati dan rasa tak dibiar saja
Setiap yang berlaku ada kebaikannya
Harus pejam mata dan cuba apa saja
Pabila kau renung tajam-tajam mata aku
Ku rasa sesuatu rasa yang ku tak tahu Oooo…
Ini cinta remajaku
Dan pabila kau katakan kau suka aku
Ku terdiam terkedu tak tahu mana nak tuju Oooo…
Itulah cinta yang satu, cinta di muka buku..
Bagaimana harus bersua
Ku rasa gementar tapi bahagia
Perlukah kita beri peluang pertama
Walaupun kita tak pernah berjumpa
Banyak persoalan yang berada di minda
Banyak tanda tanya dan juga kata cinta
Otak kata jangan hati pula kata ya
Hidup tak menentu adakah ini cinta
Banyak soalan banyak juga jawapannya
Kata hati dan rasa tak dibiar saja
Setiap yang berlaku ada kebaikannya
Harus pejam mata dan cuba apa saja
Pabila kau katakan kau suka aku
Ku terdiam terkedu tak tahu mana nak tuju Oooo
Itulah cinta yang satu
Cinta di muka buku

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.......dari Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wenzday..
Thursday, Friday..Saturday... 
Sunday again.......

p/s: cik zarin, boleh tak jgn perasan lebih2?

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blog refit (term watsons)

- under constructions -



paham tak sy sgt jeles ngan org2 yg rajin memasakk???


Tuesday, September 6, 2011 0 comments

miss them

I feel like going out.
with my frens.
(bcoz I don't date boys. yet. haha)
tp.. kerja cmni. mcm mana nk kuar2?
tibe2 rs nk balik umt lah plk.. haha..<-- very rare feeling
bukan kuar ape pun..
takat jumpe2..mkn same2.. borak same2..
sy xde r gile nk hang out cam urban people..
hang out je... wajib g cinema.. wajib karok.. wajib pusing bandar.
not me lah kalo begitu.
pointnye skrg... I miss my frens. 

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I like requoting quotes.
seriusly jujur nan ikhlas dari hati bkn nak obtain attention ok.
cume.. I felt better sharing thoughts with other people.
people not commenting.. I don't care.
I believe there r those who read it.
people yg...terkesan. xbyk pn xpe. secuit..secebis rasa pn xpe.
that I give them a piece of thoughts.
a reminder..perhaps?
a support?
I dunno.. different people got different views.

my view: it's my hobby..duhh :P

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my jolly sailor bold

suke lah lagu mermaid dlm pirate of caribbean on strangers tide tuh.
da terikut2 dah..

my heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold..
there is nothing that can console me but my jolly sailor bold…
come all you pretty fair maids, whoever you may be who love a jolly sailor bold
that ploughs the raging sea..

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hey kim hyun joong!
jgn nak senyum2 kat sy lagi.
nnti sy pengsan.

Friday, September 2, 2011 0 comments

brief points

short entry je neh.

few things in head. skrg.

1. halamak beger tertinggal kat wtsons la! aiyo..rugi2.. T__T
2. yeah, da dpt 'duit raya' besarr punyaa' td! alhamdulillah..ckup jumlahnye. nk beli hape? sat lg nk tdo kte pk same2 ek..:P
3. betul2 lembik kaki akuh kasut tuh kerjakan. humph. we'll see tomorrow..berkesan ke x gel cushion bru beli tuh. *tu kasut kerja mak. kte pjm. ade heel sket. keras. kte pnya kasut kerja da hancur. huhuk. mls nk beli kasut kerja baru. nak simpan duit wat beli wedges je. LOL
4. ........................................... (ehehe... sy xbley cter kt cni.. :P)
5. aiyo machaa.. bila mau byr itu konvo punya yuran haa?? adoi...
6. nk tdo awal bleh? seyes kaki rs cam da nak cramp je.. so dangerous la itu kasut.
7. oh ye.. parent n sedare ckp psl house construction. abah xplain sket psl cmne nk bwat pelan umah, since ktorg da penah buat rumah kn baru2 ni (xbrp baru pom. ala..rumah yg kt perak tu laa..). suddenly cik wa sebut psl loteng. timbul idea.. Aku nak rumah yg ade loteng lahh nnti. kena masuk wishlist nih! hee.. old skool gtuh!
8. ok.. sy akan keje 2 more weeks. at least, dpt r gaji stgh bulan. besh dohh tuh. 
9. oh..pelissssssssssssssssssssss laaaaaaaaaaaaa dapattttttttttttt komisennnnnnnnnnnn utk bln nih~~~ huhu

dah2. mcm2 pulak duk lalu lalang dlm kepala time nih. isk

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 2 comments


Oh.. selamat hari raya semuaa!
di kesempatan ni, sy nk mohon maaf zahir n batin pd semua yg mengenali sy, khususnya peminat-peminat sy..
teruskan menyokong sy n me luv u ols oways yeaaa!

hahahaha. mengom sudaa. rs cam da penah tulis ucapan mengarut cmtuh raya lepas :P

kepala da tintong sbnrnye neh.. tp, igt nk stay up..siapkan report sale yg monthly punya.

xrasa la plk nk bercerita psl raya kali ni. huhu..

just dropping by to say..

at this ketika, sy cuma nak senyum je.


*harap mklum, beliau baru marathon 3 movie.. so, feeling da bercampur baur*

itu saja. sekian.

Thursday, August 25, 2011 4 comments

someday.. u'll meet him. so, do not worry.

- self reminder -

kalo akuh tetibe rs alone n upset..

apesal ak solo lagi..

or risau.. 

bile laa nak jumpe Mr Right


jeles tgk psgn2 yg happily together-gether..

yg ade org tlg take care..

and do sweet things together..

aku kena refresh balik otak neh..
aku kan nak story cam kak che?
kenal kejap je, trus ikat.
don't worry la.. ade nya jodoh ngan someone2..

jumpe skrg pn, ape kau nk buat? bkn kau nk trus kawen pn kan?

baru 21 tahun kot.

seyes jeles tgk kak che n abg faiz tuh.
k.che da la mcm islamik n sopan gtuh. her entire family pn..
abg faiz nmpk cam gile2 sket. tp, ttp ngam ngan kak che n her family..

tak ke sweet tuh? ehee

it's good la yg abg faiz ske org cam kak che.
meaning, he's choosing not solely bcoz of beauty ke..hrta ke.. fame ke..

I think he chose her because of her faith.

(aiyo..kalo akuh jd lelaki pn, sure2 ak akan pilih calon isteri cam k.che. hee.. sejuk mata memandang)

aiyo, kau tuh cam k.che ke nak ade husb mcm a.faiz?


still got time (InshaAllah) to perbaiki diri..

but it's better this way bcoz I'm not going to behave or appear alim-looking because of any person.

 let people accept u d way u r.. so that u takkan penat I mean, terlalu berusaha nak puaskan hati any particular person. or a bunch of people.



yeah! item shipped out oredi.

*sengih tak hengat!*
smoge smpai b4 raye!

I was thinking about benti keje.
 yelah, keje sbb nk cri pglmn je pn.
hal duit.. no 2.

so, timbulla persoalan..why nk brenti?

hmm.. I hv plans in my head.
plans yg mana tak terjalan bile most of my time berada kt watsons tuh.
xmo la cter lg.. nnti byk komen lak. haha

bilik..n..rumah ni.. ya Allah, xtaw nk ckp ape.
hanyar kubang org tganu kate.
konfius, ni bilik lelaki ke pompuan.
nk kemas pn smpt sgt je sbnrnye pagi b4 g keje..
tp maklum saje laa.. slagi x pkul 9, xbgun.
ble dah pkul 9, terpacak dpn laptop.
kejadah btul..
rumah pn xterkemas.
ntah ble nk tukar lgsir..nk lap itu ini..
mcm2 lah..

hm.. then, kdg2 rase gak cam nk try bwat kuih raye.
member2 da mula asah bakat bab2 memasak neh..
tercabar lah jgk..
kerna kerja ni jgk la xdapek den nak menerai-nerai.. haha

cuti raye lak 2 hari je.
komisen, sy rs mmg xsmpt nk kejar dahh..

ntah ble nk raye umah kwn2 cmnih.
apetah lg org yg nk dtg raye umah kite.. if ade laa..
(ayat sedih. haha)

sbb tu igt nk brenti.

tp sy ni jenis cpat kesian gak..
kesian la plk k.rieda nnti nk cri org..uhu..
da la tgh kalut ngan renovation wtsons n so on..




Wednesday, August 24, 2011 0 comments


sy sdg menunggu sesuatu nih.

tlg la abam posmen jgn stop lg deliver brg.

eksaited smpai rs cam nk heart attack dahh.


Monday, August 22, 2011 2 comments

dadali - di saat aku mencintaimu

sy taw lagu ni dh lame.
tp festaim dgr taon nih. mimi duk ulang2 lagu ni kt lappy dy time edit thesis.
best r jgk. bleh thn feel ah lagu ni..kui2

cume.. td watsons pasang lagu ni.
so..layan r kejap.

Mengapa kau pergi, Mengapa kau pergi
Di saat aku mulai mencintaimu,
berharap engkau jadi kekasih hatiku,
Malah kau pergi jauh dari hidupku,

Menyendiri lagi, Menyendiri lagi,
Di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi,
Tak pernah ada yang menhiasi hariku,
Di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencintai dirimu,
Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta…….

Menyendiri lagi, Menyendiri lagi,
Di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi,
Tak pernah ada yang menhiasi hariku,
Di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencintai dirimu,
Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta…….

Semoga engkau kan mengerti,, tentang perasaan ini
Maaf ku telah terbuai, akan indahnya cinta
Maaf sungguhku tak bisa, untuk kembali padamu
Maaf ku telah terbuai, akan indahnya cinta

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta..............
-lagu semata-mata-

p/s: sebaik lagu kuar taim kte da kuar dari..erm.. i can say tempoh berkabung. haha... kalo tak, mau berendam air mate tiap kali dgr lagu neh. cam lagu jgn pernah berubah by st21

cam lawak je. sempat gak ade moment2 separa tak betul cmtuh. huhu. apepun, gud lesson~ now I know more about myself..kan? like, to what extend I can go.. n so on lah.


reunion sbpik and etc~


siang td, sy sgt lah tidak bersemangat.

penat katenya.. well, sy kt cni bkn nak cter bab sy yg xbersemangat tuh. 


taw kan, smlm sy ada reunion kt skolah sbpik.
eksaited gile ok nk jumpe member2 skolah tu. seyes xpenah jumpe da after mlm perpisahan 2006 dulu.. uhu

meh sy cter meh..

pagi tu pas sahur, sy da xtdo. siapkan report stock balance.
sy smpt ag chattin ngan deena, si bakal pengantin (eksaited2!!)
sgt2 nk pegi kt mjlis akad nikahnye~

then.. siap pelan2 la..
sibuk roger meroger ngan qurok psl trip ke ktn sana.
nk gerak jam 8.15.
then ali ckp nk gerak same2 lak.
so, tggu r dorg. last2 gerak jam 9 gtu kot.

otw, ktorg amik dzilal n abby (junior) kt kerteh.

trip diteruskan. mcm2 diborakkan dlm kete tuh.

nk smpai ktn
ktorg melencong g jumpe deena dlu.
uhu..xsmpt nk jmpe time nikah.
tp yg bestnye..ktorg smpt lg stop dorg tepi jln.
nak gak jmpe cmne2 pn..

 wif bride of d day. yeah, kte amik berkat byk2. ehe.. hm, rs cam dh jauh dah dr husb dy. uhuu..
p/s: anda jage deena baek2. kalau takk...........

after dat, ktorg g singgah kt stesen myk petronas kjap.
dzilal nk tkr baju.
almklumla...dgr2 skolah xbg pkai jeans.. huhu

surprisingly terserempak ngan che wan fatin suhana!
wawah.. ekceli sy xpasan pn tu dy. 
cuma pasan la..ade kete mazda cun lalu kt tepi.
then dzilal ckp dy nmpk mak che wan. tgk balik, mmg che wan kt tepi tuh.

sy pom..ape lg.
haha..ade la jgk hjtnye nk jumpe si gadis cun neh.
org femes kan, kwn kte lak tuh.. hehe
nak jeleskan si tikah tu lg.. haha

puas kte tunggu kt tepi kete dy. tggu dy kuar.
da abes belakon da survey2 biskut raye kt tepi tuh.
nk bg surprise la konon. haha

che wan yg super duper comel! uhu.. cam xsopan je sbb xsmpt tegor mak dy. 
akuh salu bwat muke cmtuh. apesal haa? cam kerek je..uhuhu

smpat la jgk amik gmbr rmai2 ngan dy. ehe..
xpe la xjmpe kt skolah pon.. jnji jumpe gak kann.. like3!
segan kate beliau..
after da selesai jejak kasih kejap.. terserempak lah pule ngan nisa n shaf.
aik.. ckp nk jmpe kt len, bleh plk terjumpe kt ctu. haha

ironi sungguh~~

bergambar sudah smestinya.. wehee..
then ktorg gerak same2 ke skola. masuk utk tukar kete je. haha.. 

xsmpat nk dftr ape, ktorg da ciao cepat ke ecm.
salu dgr org sebut ecm neh, tp xpenah pegi.

sopin la sgt. qurok je yg berjaya bwk balik plastic bag verns. yg len tkg komen je lebih :P

byk gak perubahan kt bndar xsmpat nk explore abes..
pas g ecm dah pkul brp..
so, ktorg balik skolah dulu..jamak zohor n asar..

then.. ktorg melilau kejap kt skolah tu.
patotnye ms tu ada ldk yg ktorg kne in charge.
tp ktorg taiko.. haha.. dtg tnjuk muka je. haha.. amek gmbr sana sini. jumpe ckgu2..
nk join ldk pn xbest gak..sbb xtaw ape. slot ldk pn rsnye da nak abes kot time tuh.. huhu

smpt la jgk g lepak kt umah nisa...
nisa nk tkr baju n solat..
ktorg pn nak rest2 jgk..

then, pkul 6 lebih.. pegi skola again..
jumpe junior2 (which mebi mereka xigt pon sy kot. kte kan low profile je..huhu)

 wif few juniors. sy pn xsure da jarak form ktorg..ahaha

just b4 iftar~
qurok bwk muffin bluebery, vanilla n chocolate.
smpt rs yg blueberi tu je. uhu.. dah kyg sgt time tuh..
yg lela bwat pn xsmpt nk rs. dy bwat muffin kecik2 pnya. bluberi, pineapple n choc

mkn2 utk iftar pn sedap2 sume~ hehe
ktorg mulanya decide nk tdo sana n balik esoknya..
tp..qurok seems larat nk drive, kte ikot je la kan.. xbyk amik gmbr guna camera sndiri..
frust, gegar skit pn xbleh.. abes blur gmbr
so, sy just guna camera qurok n nisa.

dorg pkai canon, as far as I maen2 ngan camera neh.. canon seems hving better shock control.

camera neh, jual kangg..:(

camera hp pon bkn lawa.. mls nk bwk sana sini. uhu..

anyway, seyesli best. even batch ktog plg sikit. uhu..
sedih la jgk, sep2 klate kelas xbley dtg.. so, sape je la kan..

bdk pompuan just sy, qurok, dzilal, nisa, shaf n laila. tu je.
lelaki xpasan sgt sape yg dtg slain edie, ali, keyo n syed. dtg bkn nk tegor pom. kerek je. haha

inshaAllah, this will be yearly event.

smoge next time lg rmai yg dtg~~ wee

p/s: gmbr2 sume curik kt fesbuk org je. huhuhu