Tuesday, December 27, 2011

an inspiring blog I read.

hye again.. hurm.. 
here to share something with you.

ok. disini sy bukan nak bergosip ke hape. pay attention n read till the last dot. alrite?


these 2 days.. I've been reading this one blog.

who's he?


I get to know this guy. well.. I just heard of him.. after I saw che wan's relationship status.
hopefully u guys smpai ke jinjang pelamin lah ye :)

but thats not the main point here.
I'm a person full of curiosity.
I wonder.. what kind of guy would che wan like.. bcuz obviously.. she's a really remarkable person I've ever known.

a little stalking.
ends to his blog.

he's a medic student.
president of medical student society or something. of Malaysia okay.
which obviously..means.. he's also a remarkable person.
c'mon. wudn't be easy to be that far.

he travels alot. meet great people.. people of pengaruh alot..
go to big occations alot.
be representative alot.
(hensem lak tu..haha :P)

what a person to know.

but.. the thing is..
the way he talks in his blog.
full english.
you can see maturity in his writings.

although, he might just the same age as me.
ok, maybe older..a year or two.
but that's not a really big gap isn't it?

I see he wrote mostly important things in his FB.
obviously not like me.. yg sgt byk brangan ini.
update status yg ntah pape.

another thing.. hm. he's a anak dato'
maybe it's a major reason he wud've a strong background.

but..c'mon. lets not be so skeptical.

he even proudly drive Proton Saga yg lama pnya version. crappy..he said.
he must've worked hard to be who he is now.
besides.. he's a doctor to be. medic student.
duhh.. org bijak2 je bleh dpt course medic kan.

so.. how come both of us sangat berbeza?
bcuz I lack determination? bcuz I didn't born in rich or..as anak dato'?
bcuz of..what?

don't blame other people. blame myself.

it's not that i want to be him. neither do che wan.
(both suits each other greatly. oh my.. what a couple )
I just want to be the best of myself.

alrite zarin.. 2012 is nearing.
a great time to start.


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