Monday, January 31, 2011 2 comments

Kekacauan di Mesir

last nite sucks a lot.
tonnes of tears. gave me a terrible headache..

y? la na cter..
bikin jiwa kacau saja..

i supposed to do d digestion process tday (it's part of my FYP)
but.. i can't get myself up.
demam? dah kebah sket.. 
selesema pn da kurg..
tp sakit kepala yg amat.
felt like i can't even open my eyes.

skrg pn masey ada saki baki..
ntah kenapa..

sometimes giv me goosebumps. 
people who suffer brain tumors got extreme headache too rite?

huu...jauhkan laa...
xjumpe Mr Right lg ney :P

last nite, ada org tag post kt fesbuk..mengenai Mesir..
I tot it was a vid, so x tgk la..
nk load vid kat fesbuk skrg xbrp ok..
sgt la pelan..
brp kali refresh pn xabes2 load..

pg td tgk btul2, rupanya note post..mengenai Kekacauan kat Mesir yg tgh berlaku skrg.

Kekacauan? sejak bile? xde dgr pun..

itula.. xde lak dgr desas desus ape..

ada pemberontakan berlaku. rakyat xnak Hosni Mubarak jd leader.
dorg bwat rusuhan ramai2..
sbb apa xnak Hosni ni jd leader? sbb dikatakan beliau ni proBarat n Zionis..

a friend of mine said it's called intifadha..
sounds islamik..n good....isn't it?
(sape2 nk terangkan lebih lnjut psl intifadha ni dipersilakan~)

but.. what's with d merompak stuff? masuk rumah org.. buat kacau..
killing people??

are they killing d right people?
(ayat apekah??)

I mean..for sure ada org xbersalah pn terkena tempias..
student2 Msia kat sana ketakutan..

kalo nk merusuh pn.. merusuh le kat pejabat Hosni tu ke..
rumah dy ke..

worse, pihak berkuasa which is polis..pun xjalankan tugas..
bank kena bakar.. pejabat polis pn kena bakar.. abes senjata kena rompak..
(seyes mcm cter omputes..zmn dunia kucar kacir pd masa hadapan.. movie berkaitan yg ade lam kepala sy ni..cter Babylon D.C (btul ke tjuk nye nih?)

ei..ei... I'm not kidding ok. sy tulis berdasarkan ape sy bace kt tenet td..

korg bleh search kt tenet.. tulis je kekacauan di mesir dsb..

ni member ada post satu fb chat from student mesia kt sana

bleh gak tgk kt sini.

owh...encik line ada letak byk link.. bleh tgk kat page beliau.

doakan semoga shbt2 kita di sana selamat2 jela yek..

p/s: xsuka la merusuh2 ni.... huhu... ganas..

Sunday, January 30, 2011 1 comments

I didn't mean it!

uuu..I don't wanna call him..
I don't want him to think that I wanna call him..

I hope it didn't ring..
I seriously don't wanna call himmmm... huk2..
I'm serious!
I was just trying to figure out my 8pax numbers..
it's 7 day to call..

I didn't remember his number..
still..I didn't remove it yet from d list..

i was just too busy....I guess..
so I just test all number from d list.
I thought I cancelled d call when his name emerge on d screen..
I was just testing..
but it seems like it was not yet cancelled. How come????
I realized it 3-4 seconds later.

possibly.. it might has reached his phone..!
God... I don't I don't know how to say this..
if it's really ringing.. I really want him to know.. I have no attention at all to bother his life..
hell I'm not gonna call him even I'm at the end my life..

I just don't want to get connected to him..
again, I don't hate it.
I want to get over it.
I want to be free..

let his life be.

God.. if You can just erase the received or missed call from me, in his phone log.. it would be such a great thing for me.. Please...You are capable of doing anything.. please erase it.. if it ever reach his phone..
or.. I hope he changed his number.. or remove my number.. block me.. anything possible..

(God why didn't I remove him yet from d list??! I'm such a Fool!)

God.. please. . . . . . . . . . .

nothing special's my birthday today. huhu..

tp, xrasa special sgt sbb demam..n selesema..
rs mcm na duduk kt bilik je..

nk g lab pn xbrp nk larat..
cmpur lg dgn es-hol mana ntah..letak motor blkg skuter kiter..kiri kanan depan blkg sume kena sekat.

sadis gile smlm. 
da la sakit. lapar. nk kuar g cari mknn pn xleh..
smpat la mengalir setitis dua air mata.
huhu.. sy mmg cmtuh..kalo da lapar sgt..bleh termenangis..
campur ngan tahan marah lg..
xlarat la na mrh2 ble demam nih..

sabar jela.. bwat ape ari ni?

oh..i must make a wish rite, bersempena bday..

i just want a happy life, with people around me accept me as who I am..
there's not much time left for me to be huha.. cuz I'm oredi 21.
kurang lebih 3-4-5 taon kot zmn bujang..
I'm not planning to have a quite late marriage.
aww :P me on this. I'm not going to do something awful.

so..happy it is. for me, n for everyone I love.


oh ye, smlm hepppyy sbb ada budak feymes n lawa comel lote cun melechuuuun wish kt kiter.. antara yg awal lak tuh.. ( budak kampung tol aku nim..ngehehe)


p/s: still feeling sick. ugh.. xpela.. kifarah dosa agaknye.. uhuk3
Saturday, January 29, 2011 0 comments

to you, my Mr Right.

"lovely"... the holiday just about to enter..
and I caught cold.
sneezing all around..
terrible headache..
feeling warm n cold at the same time..

this really sucks.. uhuu..



td tgk cter p/s I love You..
4 d 2nd time.
(I should watch it when I'm little bit older.. huhu.. english movies.. they're all 'unclean')
such a sad story..uhuu..
just about the first 30 minutes, tears came rushing to my cheek. easily touched. tu dlm 2jam kot..

she loved her husband so much..
uhu.. and it seems like she hurts a lot when he died..
and the upcoming few weeks..or month mybe..
she looks like a crazy widow..

she couldn't get over it..

somehow.. it reminds me a lot to the 'dark days' I had.
felt like.."I can't face the world anymore..I can't continue my life.. I hate..I regret.. life's just too hurtful to be continued.. I wouldn't feel any more pain if I just die.." the same time.."I can't die yet..", "I'm young..there's more to treasure out there".."it's time to really be myself".."I just.. don't deserve him..there's someone fated to be with me. someone I need.."

stuffs like that.

don't worry..I am getting over it.
just..sometimes when memories came rushing to you..
it could be tough sometimes..

tough enough to push ur tears out..
it's like I might be just too obsess with so called first love that I don't even want to let it go.

I'm just a typical person who believe so much in falling in love just once in my life and hope that it'll be forever..
myb I'm just not fated to be like one..
so unbelievable. but that's what happened. I just need to accept it, don't I?
what to do..
things went not really as what you expected..
of course you can't blame God..

actually, knowing God exists become the primary soothing reminder..
HE got plans 4 my life.

eh.. what am I saying? ughh.. knock it off already..
I'm sorry..
I'm easily being carried away with that episode.

this head ache is terrible..

when I'm starting to realize that I got carried away like this..
one of the things that come into my mind is.."owh Mr Right, whoever you are..where are you? when will I finally meet you?"

I do hope..well..kind of have these wishes that he's someone different from what I thought.

but i would like if he's some kind of funny, crazy maybe..sweet smiling.. trust me no matter what comes in line.. not too rational, but knows what's good for our long term life..treat me so wonderful.. being spontaneous.. sing me love songs before we sleep (dun care if he's not good in singing).. give me flowers without reasons.. talkative n love to tease me in any ways.. (really need to love teasing me cuz I tend to sulk, and it sucks when I have to coax myself. such a tense situation it'll be)

but.. seems like too much of daydreaming right? can't this kind of man really exist? why can't? we control our life. we do mistakes. but we can do wonderful things with it. why don't make those dream comes true? doesn't trying to make our life beautiful, meaningful?
at least..we're trying.

this is far okay than wishing for some tough, tall 6pax guy, with charming face, very masculine and strong. romantic and perfect character guy. rich and brave and kind.. sort of impossible for someone like me.

so..I would like to remind myself.. or..any readers..
think about it..
why don't we make our life wonderful? I am messed up sometimes. I am cold. I am too much of sensitivity. Too much of dreaming.. but I do want the best of  my life. of course..for you too. I am trying, I will.. even you might not see it. if it's a dream, I wanted to make it true. something real. I would like to make you feel that u're lucky to have me. I wanted you to know.. that I'm just an ordinary person with lots of defects and I can never be perfect. but, having you in my life will surely fill the imperfect parts of me. I have a heart that might change someday, but you gotta make me believe that u're worth it. I can't survive a relationship if I'm the only one trying to save it. I had enough. God, I am so curious about you...dearest Mr Right. I'm not expecting much of you. I've learnt. I'll try to accept you whatever person u're like. I don't want any perfect guy. if u r already perfect, then what my function will be in ur life, rite? u wouldn't need me if u're already perfect. err.. I'm not referring to anyone by saying this. just.. any possible perfect guy lah out there. to you, especially my Mr Right..out there..

ahh..ape merepek nih.. sorry2.. i really need to stop now..huhu

p/s: It's like loving someone you don't really know. actually, someone you have no idea who he is. 
this is.. crazy
(am I crazy??)
Thursday, January 27, 2011 5 comments

I know I'm thin. Don't remind me.

I know I'm thin. Don't remind me. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it to d power of a trillion.

yeah..I am in a very pissed off mood rite now. don't talk to me. I feels like screaming and crying at the same time.
I'm trying hard to hold my anger.

know what? I seriousssssssssly pisssssssssed offfffffffff when somebody bumped into me.. and say..

"hey, you look thinner...!"
(often they say it in malay. I'm just into English mood)

dude, I went to PK (pusat kesihatan) this afternoon and the penimbang there showed that I gain 2-3kilos.
dude!!!!! I was really happy, until just now..some unalert person greet me such pissing off words.

(argghhh...really in a wild mood. just finished rewatching crows zero. feels like punching the walls and faces and destroying things in d room and scream and shout out loud.. my fists shivers, same goes to my legs. it has been a long time after the last taekwondo training I went...)

if only I can warn everyone.. not to greet me..ever like that..but..
ugh..know what? I can't.

and pissed me off..

dude...I'm born with such genes...!! so you can't act like it's me who's not eating and make myself thin.
I ate a lot. most people know, thin people do eat a lot.

oh..I know.. You're not in my shoe. that's why you can be so insensitive 

it's the same when you greet some so called fat people..
" look fat!!"

duhhh.. don't it make em really pissed off???

I'm telling you here... don't greet whoever thin looking friends of yours with such " look thinner now" words. we hate it. not that we don't try to gain weight (it's not about gaining weight's just about how people see and respond to you..)

sometimes, it does felt like some kind of pressure. tension.
really affects the confidence.
really makes me feel like disappearing from the world.

tolong alert sket.

p/s: ughh...tekanan perasaan tahu takkk???aku taw la aku kurus. xpyh la nk igtkan. it's like ckp kt 'org tak cerdik'.."heyy.. bodoh la kau skrg" atau..tegur org kulit gelap.."heyy..hitam r kau skrg!" (sorry 4 d rough words. kalo xnmpk n x jelas lg example tu, xtaw la nk ckp pe..) bab2 berat neh sensitif tahu? sbb mmg pyh nk ubah when it comes from d gene. tolong r alert sikit for such things. kena plk kt org yg tibe2 makin sensitif mcm sy. oh, not really tibe2. I'm not this sensitive sblm ney. ms skolah dulu..mtriks ke. i noticed, this sensitivity grows higher, bigger since my heart was broken by some heart-breaking person I really want to trust. It happens that i am afraid of being hurt again, that's why I'm becoming more sensitive...being too protective over myself... and again, I don't wish..neither do like this kind of sensitivity. don't blame grows along with the experiences in life. God, do give me patience.. huuu...
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 5 comments

I'm not feymes.

huu...xtaw la hape mengarut lam previous post. takat ari ni saja da 3 post.

mksdnya... ada sesuatu yg nk ditulis, tp xtaw ape..


skrg makin rancak difollow..
lg2 sejak jadi ahli blogger umt.
tema kaseh lew 4 d publicity.
( taw satu perkara best? logo UMT Bloggers tu saye yg cipta! ngee...skrg bdak2 UMT Bloggers da guna logo tuh. lg satu rahsia.. korg cube save gmbr logo tu. then, tgk bebaik.. kat bawah dy ada name saye..zarin@asrarulqalby. hehe..harus kredit diri sendiri jualah~ lalala)

tgk baik2 kt bawahhh gmbr.. mata2 yg istimewa jek leh nmpk. haha..

**ok2 sambung balik**

tpkan, follow memfollow ni.. utk ape ye sbnrnya?

mula2.. I tot nk dpt latest news dr org yg difollow..
sy follow la sape2 yg sy rs interested tuk difollow.
kalo org follow saye, sy follow je balik. hehe
org berbudi, kita dak?

abes, kalo yg follow rmai org tu..
ada bace ke sume2 post baru dorg?

rajin betul yek? xdela serajin tuh..
I do blogging to substitute my diary.
place where sy ckp je hape yg sy rs..

i can's a partially private blog laa..

thats why saye xletak link kat page umt blogger kt FB tu ble update belog nim..
kalo org na bace, bace je la..
but..I wud like to remain low-profile.
xbrp na rajin tuk pomot belog nih..

kalo belog satu lg tu ye jgk..
tp, skrg, xbyk tgkp gmbr..
yg sedia ada pn sket jew..
huhu.. seganlah saye..


saye kan pemalu..aww :P

sy buat belog bkn la nk kejar feymes..
lu (ni en. Jay nyer 'kalu'. 1st time bace, terkezut.. apehal ckp 'lu' plk ney? kasarnyew...bkn geng ke hape pn na ckp 'lu' sgala.. rupanya short bg 'kalu' =.=") nk kejar feymes senang je..

tips yg sy culik dari belog2 org feymes antaranya..
1. wajib letak gmbr sendiri lam belog tuh. belog ala2 misterius cam sayer nim..yg satu habuk gmbr sendiri (penuh punya muka) pn xde.. pyh la.. org xmn skrg ney nk follow yg havoc2 n lawa2 je.. (haha..xdela...gurau je tu.. it depends la pd follower)
2. rajin2 la buat kontes ke..masuk kontes ke..tag org ke.. hape2 la..
3. pomot gak lam FB ke hape.. plk jgn psl awk je.. kena bwat post yg mcm tips ke..atau.. respons to latest feymes people's news ke.. apa2 yg melibatkn org len gak, especially readers. tp, lain la kalo awk dah sedia feymes. awk xpost ape2 pn, org sudi buka belog awk.. hee

byk lg sy xtau sgt laa.. dh kite nim bkn org feymes pn. ngee..
so, perkara2 tu tidaklah saye amalkan~ :P

mmg spesis low profile kot. huhu.. na bwat cmne.. ngan org x bape kenal, tersangatlah awkward. bkn spesis yg ckp byk. tp kalo ngan yg rapat2, sempoi je.

konon2 cool lah kotnya. haha.. kononnn lah sgt :p
bkn takat kool dahh.. cold dh agaknye. huhuk

dah2..merepek dh tu. seronok jgk la sket2 tgk org feymes nih. 
yela, rmai org kenal.. org acknowledge.
org suka nk kenal..

guess.. it's just because I don't really belong to that kind of world.
but.. I like myself. in fact, I am thankful to be created in anyways.
syukur la cmne2 pn. Tuhan bg anggota badan cukup lengkap pn da kire ok sgt2 dah kan..huhu

p/s: penulis da rs cam artis la tuh. perasan semacam. haha..sengal2 badan katanya :P

what if..


apa rasanya..
bila org yg diminati minat kt besfriend kite?

ataupun.. org yg bff kite minat, minat kat kite?

satu kondisi sukar gak tuh.

hurm.. xde papelaa..
just terfikir..

hurmm..(masih juga berfikir)

some people ble rs curiga ngan partner, mula la buat andaian mcm2.
terlalu byk what if.. cthnya..

what if he likes her?
what if he no longer likes me?
what if he hates me..?
what if..we're not destined together... n mcm2 lg lah what ifnya..
ekceli.. most of the what if tu...sbnrnya xberlaku pun.
too much expectations tu la yg menimbulkan sgala mcm konflik.
level of kepercayaan mengalami steep decrease..

(apehal ckp psl kepercayaan plk ney..)

ntah.. seyes, xtau knape rs nk ckp psl ney. xde apa2 pn yg memberi kesan berlaku hari ni.
everything's fine..

hee.. sy pn xtaw la dh melalu hape ni. huhu..
kesimpulannya.. jgn byk sgt buat andaian sendiri..
jika berlaku salah faham..atau ada yg x clear, tnya je terus org yg berkenaan. jgn nk predict mcm2..

ni bkn ckp utk yg kapel je..
n I'm not saying that I support kapel2 stuff..
even sometime boleh jg rs sedikit sbyk jeles..
urm.. I hv my stances,

what I'm tryin to say.. this kind of thing bleh berlaku antara sesiapa pn..
ngan kwn ke..parent ke..adik bradik ke...
sape2 jela..

(knapa rs makin lost je nih? uhu..)
eishh..pndai2 la korg digest ape sy tulis ney..
berterabur isi..

p/s: boys with short hair oways hensem. hensemer than yg long hair. they seems smart n tidy..n smart.and.. seems strong :P

eii..awk ni kann.........

eii... xphm2 lagi ker..
saye suke kat awk?

ish2... geram2..
takkan na tggu sy g confess dpn awk.
eii.. malulah saye..

awak ni kann...eiiii....
humph.. fine la cmni..

dh la psl keychain tu pn awk x igt jgk..
eiiss.. bikin malu saja saye yg igtkn..

eii.. awk ni kann... grrr...

saye pn da segan kalo bertembung...

mslhnya.. tiap kali sy cuba lari tu la.. terbertembung jugak..

sy nk sempoi2 pn dh xbrp nk sempoi..

nk add balik FB pn da rs semacam..
yela.. aritu saye add awk, then sy cancel balik.. sbb rs segan..

nk add balik? eishh... xpelah..
xmati pn kot kalo x add awk..

lgpn... ada baiknya..
the further, the better..
I'm not going to drag you any further..

org ckp.. ske jauh2..diam2..(diam ke cmnih? ngeee:P), penuh kesederhanaan n keikhlasan..
(aiseh.. bunyik cam serius jek. haha)

finelaaa... sy jd secret admire awk je pn xpelaaaaa..:P
(rs mcm budak2 la pulakk.. haha)

sy doakan semoga awk bahagia ngan sape2 yg awk sukaaaaaa~~~
(ok, seyes rs mcm luahan hati budak form 2-3.. hahaha)

p/s: penulis sedang mamai kekenyangan. abaikan post ini.
Sunday, January 23, 2011 2 comments

Aku Masih Dara

ohh..tajuk yg sungguh gempak. huhu.. wei2.. tu tajuk movie ok. huhu

baru je pas tgk cter Aku Masih Dara tu.
hurmm.. best la jugak..

cumanya... sy rasa takut pulak..
hm.. tgk scene2 kat pub..

mmg mcm tu ke?
huu.. menakutkan..
sedih pun ye jgk..

remaja2 ney sebaya sy je kot..
sedih..sbb mcm dorg bleh selamba badak je buat mksiat..
persenda agama sgala...
terang2 lg bersuluh..

mcm...dh x rasa malu lgsung..
seyes.. rs cam murah sgt dah dorg2 nih..
nk slhkan sape?

sy nk ckp lebih pn, sy bkn la org yg terer agama sgt..

tp, sedih la.. kawan2 kita mcm tu..
I mean, not literally kawan.. xkenal pn..
tp.. kita2 yg sebaya ni.. yg jd harapan negara ni..

(patriotik lah pulak..)

seyes ok.. sedih..

lg satu.. mmg la berlakon.. tp, pegang2 sgala tu.. real ok.
pkai baju seksi2 tu.. real ok..
ishk.. mengucap pjg kita yg duk tgk nih..
brp kali jgk lah duk skip2..

alhamdulillah aku x dilahirkan dlm suasana cmtuh..huhu..

xleh trima btol scene2 tuh..
bg sy yg asalnya dari malaysia nih.. pntai timur lg..
in fact, as Muslim.

Ya Allah..Engkau bukakanlah hatiku, hati2 mereka untuk mudah menerima ajaranMu..
runtuhkanlah ego dan segala penafian..
jangan Engkau abaikan kami..
dan biarkan kami terus berdegil..

p/s: psst.. hensem sungguh Encik Asyraf Muslim tuh. huhuk... brp kali ntah kena tutup mata... kena jg pndangan kott.. kalo la ak jd sofea, n asyraf duk ajar mengaji kt depan.. kompem2 xleh fokus.. ngee

oh ye...scene last2 tu ak hangin kejap.. boleh plk girls tuh g pegang2 heroku ituh time beliau kena tikam ngan Zack.. haishh.. hangin2.. kalau dh artis....alahai........

psst..asyraf, dh2 la berlakon.. huhuk.. fokus kt pusat rawatan islam tu jela erk.. huhu

Saturday, January 22, 2011 2 comments

bosan II

owh.. hari kedua yg penuh boring.
bilik bersepah, mcm org laki2 single kt US nyer rumah.

dah xde keje sgt, jom kubang*kan bilik.
opss... hanyar*kan..
eh eh..tch.. sepahkan..ha.. kalo x phm jugak, meh sini nk sekeh sket..

uishh...hape ugut2 ney.. xfeminin ok.

erk.. hmm... ekceli nk buat confession lah sket..

err...I can't keep up la with this feminin thing. huhu..'s getting further to when I cut my hair yesterday.
again. haihh

aaa.. maybe I'm just not ready for it kot.
or..maybe..this is just me. not so feminin..
mybe I still have saki-baki ke-tomboy-an dlm diri.


next time lah babe~
now I feel sooooo HENSEM~
rasa cam nak g mengorat je awek yg lawa2 tuh..
haha :P
gurau ok. I'm normal. hahaha :P

oh ye, baru ni masa g jln2 amik gmbr kt area DSM, terserempak ngan sorg lelaki ney..
salu nmpk..jogging..nek beskal..
foreingner lah kotnye..
gelap2 gtu.. 6pax kot. muahaha.. ke? bdn dy tegap n besar la.. huhu

tp, sy xtaw lg masa ptg tu..

so, ketika tgh syok amik gmbr bunga kenanga (ye kerrrr??? ala, bunga kaler pink yg tinggi nyer pokok tuh)
pompom..dy tegur..

at first, xdgr dy ckp pe..
sy pun.."HA?"

dy, sy kurang jelas..
sy reply.."APE?"

dy ulang lg skali.. baru dgr..
patot la x brp nk catch up..dy speaking rupanya..ohoho
 dy tanya.."are you doing it for ur project..?"

"no..just messing around" (cewaahh...rasa mcm New Yorker la plk..speakin2 neh.. kite yg baru seharian, semalaman tgk cter omputes ni ape lg.. guna slang US arhh..muahaha)

ade lg la ktorg borak.
Zie duk sudut, sy sorg jela chat2 ngan lelaki ituh..

owh..rupanya dy ney lecturer kat INOS..
next sem dy akn masuk FST, which is my faculty.

he said something about being scientist.. sy angguk je la..
sy ckp..ekceli sy ni biologist..

" you know Dr Faridah?"

"yeap..ekceli..she's my supervisor.."

"oh I see.."

agak2 terbatuk tak Dr time tuh?
ngee :P

xtaw la pulak nama ape..
sy ckp selamba je awal2 tuh..sbb igt dy staff ke ape.. ntah2 Dr?? huhu
I don't really think he's a student..
well..I'm not here anymore next sem.
oh oh.. here kejap, for graduation! insyaAllah..

haa...mengenai graduation..
eiii.. hampes betulla..
apesalla taon ni grad lmbt..
bulan 9-10 kot..

tetibe teringat cter khazinatul asrar..
grad..bawak husband sudaa..

hurm.. sweetnye.. huhu..

kite ney, pkwe pn xdop.. husband lg la..
sapelaaa nk bg bunge kat kite neyy..
secret admirer? uhuu.. I don't think I have any.. sbb low profile je kite neyy..huhu

kejelesanlah haku nnti.

harus mengorat segera! haha.. cepat agkt tgn sape nk jd pkwe sy! hahaha
gurau2.. adeii.. cam da senget sbb xmkn mlm lg neh. dah la skip lunch td :P

bunga oh bunga..nmpknya kena beli sendiri la nnti ney? hurmmmmmmmm...
(euww..suka bunga? bunga ros?? kenapa suka bunga ney? x machooo ok.. tp, sweet what.. guess pompuan mmg ske bunga kot. hoho..)

weii..hape mengarut pk sal grad plk ney. projek pn x abes lg. dah2...jgn berangan lebih.

hurmm... lapar2...

p/s: baru abes tgh cter Magika. best2!! hee...comel btol cter tu. lagu2 dy plg xleh blah skali. hehe.. diana danielle pn comel. hehe.. semoga mutu industri filem malaysia terus meningkat naik!! sokong barangan buatan malaysia~~ I heart you, KRU!

nak ke mana..kamu bertiga..jgn smpai bangunkan naga~~~
Friday, January 21, 2011 4 comments


hmm.. bosan.
smlm dh htr 3 chapter utk draf thesis.

tawakkal jela..
mcm akan kena kaw2 je..



tgk movie byk2 pn bosan..
main game? xde game baru...

nak g jln2? xde duit.... xbest kalo g jln2 xde duit..

nk buat chapter seterusnya?
owh..mao muntah sudaa tgk thesis..

nk edit gmbr?
mood tu xdek..

abes tu nk bwat ape?

ahh.. ari ni saja nk dkat tghari bru bgun..

dah tu nk buat apa??


Tuesday, January 18, 2011 0 comments

random pix

less jalan2 skrg. busy ngan thesis pulak.. xbrapa nk rajin nk hang out. xde geng satu hal. sume busy =.="
(kononnn.. pdhal duk lam bilik tgk movie je keje kann?)

click gmbr nk tgk yg len. gambar saje2.. sbb salu hangkut skali kamera bila nk g mana2. ni slh satu kelebihan utama la ada compact digital camera ney. kecik. senang nk bwk sana sini. 

(nak sedapkan ati je tu.. kan3??)

btul ape. wekks :P

p/s: alahai, ade org ckp Jay da nk kawen la pulakk.. spoil jiwa sungguh. abes, saye nk minat sape lak pasni? wuwuww.. ni mls nk habeskan FYP ni.. oh..tiada makna lagi hidupku kini... apakan daya....biar ku bawa diri kemana bumi sedia menerimaku........ tidak lg ke L*b ituh..... tidak lg terserempak ngan kamuuu..... :P
Monday, January 17, 2011 0 comments

Yo dude, check dizzout~

tiap kali tgk cter step up, tiap kali tu lah sy tercengang depan lptop.

paling best bg sy...dlm sume2 dancing related movies yg penah sy tgk..
Step Up 3D

ntah.. mmg otometik jadik cmtuh.. byk kali tgk pn, masih begitu juga..
takjub sumgoh! (bkn taksub ok)
gerakan lincah yg amat!
dgn sound effects n music yg ngam2 ngan gerakan dorg..
macamm... macamm...erm...macamm..
erk..ntah... mcm itulah! (mood masih takjub)
paham tak cmne dorg bleh gerakkan badan dorg laju2 cmtuh?
sy mmg minat movie yg ada menari rancak2 cmtuh.
paham tak ni??

kalo ballet.. hiyuuuu... urhh.. geli2..
less adrenaline rush.. slow..
(bkn mengata, cuma bg comparison)

bile tgk dorg jamming ke, krumping ke, hape2 istilah la.. breakdancing ke..bkn sy tau sgt..
mmg hanya mampu lihat sambil kaki gedik2 jualah

mana la reti menari.. mmg kena gelak dek org lah. huuu
reti tgk je..

tp, mmg kagum laa.. seyes wei..
how come bleh gerak selincah tu. lompat, pusing.. gerak2 mcm robot betul..

kalo yg dlm Step Up 3D tuh, sy ske watak sorg dancer dlm group samurai.
ala.. yg mula2 Moose jumpe masa dy orientasi kt u tuh..
yg pkai topi dan badan yg sgt best tu..

nmpk mcm betul2 natural dancer..
dy gerak bkn main laju smpai kkdg xsmpat pn nk catch up..
sedar2 dh abes round. huhu..
hensem plk tu.. ngeee :P
ala2 orlando bloom gtu~

ahah.. hasil Google-ing sebentar td menyatakan nama beliau adelah Daniel 'Cloud' Campos.
previously a breakdancer with Skill Methodz (ok, itu x pernah dgr..hmm breakdancer, patotla..)
seorg actor, director and writer (wah2!!)
lahir taon 1983.. (wah2!! baru 28 tahun kotttt...!!)
oh ye..nama watak dy lam cter tuh Kid Darkness (apesal cam xde pn dgr name neh)
(wah2!! beliau ade fesbuk! harus add segera.. like pn xpela..)

(yeay! da bleh ltak gmbr direct~~) ni la abg Cloud saye. haha :P
ok..dy xde la feymes sgt kot. fesbuk pn dah berhabuk, last time update bulan february taon 2009. adeii..

pedulikkan.. sy cume kagum ngan talent dy ok. 

sblm ni ade la tgk cter yg menari2 neh.. tp, xde la serancak ni..
cthnya.. cter2 cheerleader ke..
bring it on tu..
ade lg, tp x igt.. huhu

k la.. nk bwat thesis plk. xleh lyn sgt menulis belog nim.. abes byk masa. huhu

Saturday, January 15, 2011 0 comments

self concious earned.

hype! =)

urm.. bru je balik hostel ni.
balik dari dungun.
ehes.. kerap pulak balik skrg yek?

ske hati la.. ni bru btol, umah dkat..harus la balik slalu..

err.. bkn ape, adela nk amik brg kt umah tu.
you igt I senang2 je ke nk balik?

lupe pulak my dad dah stat amik cuti pencen.
uhu...agak awkward la, ari tu igt nk tmpg beliau je balik dungun, since he worked here in KT.
terpksala naik bas lompat..

ilek beb, ni baru namanya independent. hehe..
I like..

betul awkward ok. my dad dh x kerja. beliau pn sdg cri kerja2 yg xberat..
dgr2 mcm nk kerja kt tmpt dialisis..
gaji rm1000+ sebulan, ok la..

baru je nk sogok, kerja la something yg big..mcm berniaga ke...
but, myb he's getting tired of all d commitment..
mahu rileks2 saja..

xpela.. it'll be my turn to pening2 yek.

dad always talks about gettting me into d kerja ngan kerajaan.
bkn sy xske..
but, I want something more.
I want to explore more..

after grad, I don't think I'll go to such job interviews.
I lack experiences.
mcm mana x..umo pn baru stahun jagung.
slama ni sy byk xbresosial.
terperap sj di rumah.
harus dr mana experience nk dtg kan?

sy mahu mula dari bwh.

sy ni spesis yg xeh trima rejection..
so, kalo skali g interview dh kena reject..
owh...xtaw la cmne nk bertabah selepas tuh..

kena jadi manager sendiri kott..
haha ;p

sy seorg yg berjiwa seni.. (ecece..)
yela, org lahir bulan satu..mcm tertaqdir 'kreatif'

i see things..most of d time.. differently than others..
thats why org pyh nk phm apa yg sy fikirkan..
apa sebab sy berfikir sedemikian.

am I weird?
haha.. sy lebih suka guna "UNIQUE"


kalau boleh.. selagi terdaya..
sy mahu tahu semua perkara..
belajar apa saja yg baru..
cuba semuanya..

mahu tahu mcm mana nk main gitar..
mahu tahu.. bagaimana nk memancing dgn cara yg terbaik..
mahu tahu.. apa rasanya menjerit kat tingkat paling atas menara eiffel..
mahu tahu..apa kesusahan.. kegembiraan dialami org2 kat afrika..
mahu tahu.. macam mana nk drift keta sebenar..bkn takat dlm need for speed..
mahu tahu berenang. betul2 pnya berenang. bukan takat apungkan badan jek =.="
mahu tahu dunia fashionista itu bagaimana
mahu tahu..rasanya jadi pilot.
mahu tahu mcm mana org2 buat filem animasi..

mahu cuba semuanya..
mahu cuba mknan paling sdap atas dunia..
mahu cuba ..ahh..semuanya lah..
paham tak semuanya tu mcm mana?

yeahh..nmpknya begitu obses dgn diri sendiri.
haha.. xdela..
I'm tired of people saying sy kuat berangan.
this is just me.
i have high imaginations.
born with it.
why shu i restrict my thoughts over some people's critics?

hope that..this so called imagination will bring me to somewhere I can proud of someday..

i like biology. I've learnt it. now I want to learn something new.
Monday, January 10, 2011 0 comments


hari ni bermula ngan bad mood. so I guess, kinda a bad day lah.
xtaw lah kenapa.
smpai tghari juga masih bad mood.
bertmbh bad mood bile masuk kelas polisi tuh.
huh.. hari pertama masuk kelas, sudah kena shoot.
dlm ramai2, kenape sy yg kena???

oh, kenapa kena shoot?
uh.. sbb... sy senyum dlm kelas.

what th...??

lepas kena shoot tu, trus diam, terus kerut dahi, terus hilang cebis2 kegembiraan.
Mimi yg duk sebelah  buat lawak pun, sy pandang sebelah mata jek.

bese r, org baru kena shoot atas alasan yg x munasabah.

ari ni, masuk kelas..baru teringat.
oh, ini kelas yg aku kena shoot ari tu.

terus kerut dahi. terus diam. terus stres.
dan terbawa2 smpai la ke tghari.
kesian mereka yg noticed ke-badmood-an sy.
sy nk ckp pn xlalu.
org tnya sepatah, sy jawab sepatah.

hmm..ekceli ada terasa ngan seseorg,.
sy rs org tu terasa kot ngan sy, tibe2 cam xbrape nk bercakap.
tp, xde pulak bgtahu.
sy pn...xigt la plk ada buat slh pape pd dia.

so.. stress la.
cuba buat, ttp nmpk jgk ada something wrong tp x disuarakan.

hmm.. sungguh menyepoilkan mood di tahun baru ok.
seyes, sy xnak kedinginan beberapa lama yg lalu berulang kembali.
dh final year kot.
akhir tahun ni dh x jumpe lg......

hmm......... pergi hatcheri, nk strat last treatment utk ketam2 sy.
oh, ada Jay! tp..xde la excited sgt. berdebar? hm..xde la sgt kot..

he was at his tank. tgk main subject tuk his thesis.
binatang yg ada ekor pjg tu..
yg kulit keras tuu..
oh, ckup.. ini sudah dari cukup untuk mengantoikan diri.

ok, it was kinda awkward..since sy n dia je kat sebesar2 hatchery tuh.
sy kenal dy. dy kenal sy.
then..dua2 bwat cam xbrape kenal.

so, sbgai pemula sapa..
oh, bila nk habis M*s***?
dan bermulala dialog yg tak seberapa nk lama.
ckp psl project.
kenapa ketam mcm ni..
boleh hidup ke mcm tu..
sy tnya psl M*s***..

but still, sy xde la excited sgt pn.
teruk beno badmood. that shud be somewhat yg mengeboostkan adrenaline sy kot.


sy dh xnmpk rupa diri mcm mana.
muka berminyak ke tak..ahh..pedulikkan.. sy byk keja lg nk dibuat.
mls oh nk control hari ni.

tup2..lame pula dy terpacak kat tepi tank sy.
tgk ketam..smbil pk ape pn sy x taw la.
sy yg duk ulang alik hangkut sea water ni rase sungguh tak macho ok.
berat kot. ahh....ntah ape rupa time tuh. dgn panasnya.

(but I'm glad arini panas. harus syukur)

huu..kekok betul la kalo bwat keja org tgk jek. bkn nk tulun.

hm..actually.. sy sengaja letak keychain yg dia bg dulu atas tank
(skali ngan hempon la...dh keychain tu tergantung kt hempon ni kn)
where obviously boleh nmpk kalo duk ulang alik kt ctu.
in case he wud say something about it, and indirectly shows that he remembered me.

cess.. xde pulak ckp hape2.
xkan xnmpk kot.

mgkin sbb tu la kot sy mcm tak brape nk gumbira akan his presence.


suke hati la wei nk buat hape pn, bkn buat bnda pelik2 pn. harus ada taktik. haha

(ok, secara tidak lgsung terhibur ngan post sendiri. sungguh glad ok.)

oh, lupe nk ckp.. masa duk sibuk2 nk set up utk treatment tuh..(b4 he stood kt tanks sy)
tibe2 hempon berbunyi.
my mom called.


oh, she said ada postcard dari luar negara smpai.
pengirim dia nama basikal hijau.

ahh..poskad kamu da smpai.
terima kaseh =)
wee... poskad oc pn jadi la..

then she continued..
"balik x cuti raya cina ni?"
sy ckp, x taw lg. bizi ngan projek. x siap lg.
(oh, semuanya dlm sleng tganu yek..)

"oh..dh, x balik ke besday?"

"erk.. hee.. xtaw gop.. bkpe nyerrrrrr...."
(mnja2 sket)

"ada r program sket.."

"program?? program nape plop eyyy... dh nk kena balik gop r ni?"


"program nape gok.."


"hm..tgk la gane2, yen kabo smula. buleh kot balik...huhu"


selesai di situ..
agak excited sbentar. they never planned such so called 'programme' for me.
huhu..salunye..bile bday.. mkn kt luar jela.
adela kot hadiah smpingan sikit.

atau.. sy claim lmbt..
cthnya.. hadiah bday x bg lg..
then one day, jalan2 ngan parent...ade berkenan kt something. agak mahal utk beli sendiri.
masa tu la claim.

hee...suspen sungguh.

surprise apekah?

i rarely celebrate my birthday with anyone else.
rs cam.. hu..kite ney sape jek nk di-celebrate sgala bagai.
xpela.... masih dpt hidup until bday tu pn da ckup baik.
(acece...konon2 humble lah tu :P)

ari ni sgt sibuk ok.
sy xsmpt nk lunch n tea break petang.
rosak diet.
skrg da lapar macam t-rex x mkn sebulan.
duk solat pn perut bunyi2.
golek atas katil jugaperut masih nk bunyi2.
sy xleh mkn pd waktu yg slh.
nnti akan disrupt schedule mkn sterus2nya..

okla, nk g kuar...tmpah mknn.
rasa nk mkn nasi+tomyam.
ke...mee bandung ek?
ke...nasi yg goreng2 ek?

hu..tgkla ape yg berkenan kt kdai tuh..
ok, c ya..

p/s: sy mintak maaf utk hari ini. kpd diri sy sdiri dan mereka yg mgkin terkena tempias badmood sy. xdela marah2 org. cuma, being less responsive. ntah, rs mcm nk diam je hari ni.
oh, esok lagi sibuk..
caiyok2 zarin! u can do it!!!
sikit je lg ni..hmm

bukan duit!!

I'm not chasing over money.
neither some pocket-full guy.
(benda sama je kot  :P)

I'm only chasing happiness.
a guy who would accept me as myself.
who wolud at least try to understand.

I won't be in such a rush to get one.
let time plays it's role.

kaya luaran, x semestinya gembira berpanjangan..

-set otak- 



p/s: abaikan kemerepekkan penulis. beliau juge org biasa, suka duit. tp...beliau tidak mahu menjadi hamba duit. dengan itu, beliau memerlukan peringatan berpanjangan seperti apa yg berlaku pada post kali ini. beliau mahu terima seseorang yg seadanya, bkn kerana duit.  sukar ya mahu jumpa seseorg yg menerima kita seadanya. erm.. mgkin xjmpe lg kot.. sbb tu rs cmtu. haha (tp kalo dpt jgk, apekan daya :P)

alahai Mr Right... di manakah kamu saat ini......?

Sunday, January 9, 2011 3 comments

GEMPAR!! harusss bace kpd pengguna FB! (sume kot..)

PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.

“Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”

Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.

“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”

Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.

“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the shocking news.

“What am I going to do without Facebook?” said Denise Bradshaw, a high school student from Indiana. “My life revolves around it. I’m on Facebook at least 10 hours a day. Now what am I going to do with all that free time?”

However, parents across the country have been experiencing a long anticipated sense of relief.

“I’m glad the Facebook nightmare is over,” said Jon Guttari, a single parent from Detroit. “Now my teenager’s face won’t be glued to a computer screen all day. Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.”

Those in the financial circuit are criticizing Zuckerberg for walking away from a multibillion dollar franchise. Facebook is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest businesses in the world, with economists estimating its value at around 7.9 billion.

But Zuckerberg remains unruffled by these accusations. He says he will stand by his decision to give Facebook the axe.

“I don’t care about the money,” said Zuckerberg. “I just want my old life back.”
The Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased.

copied n pasted from 

p/s: xtaw la fake atau ape. but, sebagai pengguna tegar, haruslah peka ke kawan2. harus prepare mental dari skrg :P
Thursday, January 6, 2011 2 comments

reminded. hunger.convincingFace.FBgame.

just hate when suddenly being reminded of something that I don't want to remember anymore.
not because I hate that particular thing.
but.. it's bcause it can lead me to sorrow and painful mood.

cause I know I can never forget.

and I hate that truth.


ahh..ape emo2 nim?
xtaw la nk tulis ape. life's so-so.
agak busy..
project, still in progress..
result sem lepas? huu.. xdekan pn. lg 0.03 point. sadis benar..
suhu badan agak panas, kehujanan td. 
smoga xde la parah sgt.
sangat lapar. 3-4-5 hari ni sgt lapar.
xsmpat lunch. td.
nak kata cam ada gajah dlm perot.. hurmm..mcm sgt mengganas je rasa lapar tuh.
perumpamaan yg paling sesuai.. urm..mgkin T-rex kot.
ada T-rex sekor lam perot. asek mintak itu ini. xnk bg? hah..abes dikikisnya dinding perot saye.
cakar sana sini. sakit ok. kesimpulan, kena bg jugak mkn.
sejam lebih sikit je terus lapar, meskipn da mkn mknan yg berat.
nk pulak mknan berat2. kalo 1 tahun cmni kan bagus..
gedempol la I grad nnti.
(takkan nyelaa.. dh genetic jenis yg maintain kurus jek. 
kalo nk smpai gedempol tu, sounds a bit mustahil jek. huhu)

yela, mmg sy on diet skrg
opss..bukan diet nk kurus ok. tak kuasa I..
dah sekeping pn maseh nk kurus.

it's a healthy diet la..
to add more muscle. mkn ikut masa. nk latih diri jd lg b'disiplin pn ye jugak. huhu
I need to take food 6 kali sehari. 3 berat, 3 ringan.
still, masih sgt lapar. huhu
sblum ni, bila mkn berterabur xde pn lapar mcm ni.

adekah bermkna diet neh betul?
oh, harap2 la..


oh, td jumpe Dr (my FYP supervisor)
she said I have a convincing face.
sbb tu dy kdg2 mcm x brp nk rsau sgt psl projek saye.
haha.. macam manakah itu?

sy rasa sy ni jenis yg gelabah jek, salu kurang keyakinan.
haha.. rezeki la kot.
xlawa pn xpe la kalo cmni.


haa... sy ada la main satu game kt fesbuk tuh.
ala.. mcm org bgtau pendapat ttg diri kita kt status dorg, tp..xmention nama.
guna wakil numbers jek.

ada sorg tu ckp.. sy ni hensem n cantik dlm keadaan yg berbeza. haha..
mau gelak guling2 kowtt..
hensem, bikin gua kembang hedong saja~~ haha

ada juga.. mula2 nmpk ayu.. lama kenal, mcm rock pula..

ada yg ckp, takut nk tego sbb nmpk garang.
opss.. dulu2, mmg r..seyes. org penah ckp sy xde perasaan juga..

tp, most of them r delightful  tuk dibace r.
huu.. tema kasih la tuk confession yg tulus mulus tuh..

(byk pojian yg ko ske sgt tu kann??)

haha...ala.. nature manusia kot, ske org puji :P
I don't really think I am as what they've mentioned.

lawa ke? jauh la lawa che warm paten..lalalala
(ko pulak nk banding2 ngan model. poyos ok. kompem la ko kalah.)

apepun, I thank God ^^,

ada juga yg mengingatkan impian sy suatu masa yg lalu.
nk bwat novel based on my diaries.
dlu sy sgt rajin tulis diary..tiap2 tahun kot. rs xdpt nk teruskan la impian yg tu.
it's just too painful untuk kembali bukak bnda alah tu..
and rewrite.
ofkoz la sy kena igt byk bnda kan........bnda2...hurmm... menyakitkan...

xpela..ending dy lambat lg kot..
haha..byk lagi cter in future..
so, bwat novel based on future lah cmtuh.



lg.. ermm..lama x ckp ngan Jay. guess...kinda miss him oredi?
aihhh...gatal!! abaikan...
(huu..dh jrg bertembung skrg. sy pun salu mengelak. rasa cam die da ada awek..or..minat org len je.. Rai ke, Mimi ke..apekan daya.. sedia payung sebelum hujanlah kite. kite ske tgk je pn..huhu :P)

haha...gedik2! uwekk

abaikan kemerepekkan. hujan2 ni sewel sikit. lapar pulak tu.

oh, ckp psl lapar.. 
harus siap2..harus g kedai mkn..harus order nasi goreng belacan nasi lebih segera.

ciao dulu~~

p/s: kenapa org berisi@chubby2 nampak cam attractive pulak hari ni yek? 
aii... berkenan org berisi pulak dh kerr...:P

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 0 comments

serious! GIRLS DO ALERT!

elo, assalamualaikum..


**tahu tak salah satu perkara yg meletakkan korang dlm kategori bodoh adalah curi tray yang 
org len sendiri mintak ngan lab assistant, lengkap berlabel untuk kegunaan final year project mereka 
dan telah pun diberi peringatan daripada penyelaras untuk tak berbuat demikian? bodoh tahu tak? menyusahkan org. kang doa fail project or tak dapat result then kena extend then tak dpt result lg..
then extend lg. baru tahu. geram tahu tak??!!**ok, sdikit kasar ye di situ. itu suara2 yg bermain dalam jiwa raga tghari td.dh lama sbnrnya hilang tray tu, tp..bila smpai masa nk guna.. then xde.. mula r terbangkit.mmg emo r kejap.seyes, tak ke b*d*h kalo dah terang2 orang label maseh nk amik. nk pinjam? ok..fine. tp, xleh ke letak notis ke hape..??huh..dah sebulan lebih kot kalo nk kata pinjam.bukan takat kite punya jek, mimi punya pn dh kena kebas juga. !@#$%^&*() (tak mencarut ok. cuma tekan shift dan nombor 1 smpai 0 :P) petang dh ok sikit. ah abaikan, iklan semata2.-

ni nk kongsi sikit la, bace kat blog cik anis comel. penting tahu?!!

cik anis ada formspring. then one day, ada sorg lelaki ni tnya dia..
(not really a question la.. ah, doesn't matter question ke hape, isi dy yg penting!)

copy pasted:

I’m a guy…and I love your friend **********. I just want her to know that I masturbate while thinking of her and looking at photos of her. I do it almost everyday, dreaming of putting my d*** into her v*****. I know a few other guys who also do it 2 her

huu...menakutkan bukan? so...darling2 yg saya sayangi.. erm.. hope amik srius perkara ni. walaupun mgkin tak secantik or selawa artis ke sape2.. well, risikonya tetap ada. yg lawa2 tu lg la.. huuuu...
this is also one of the main reasons sy x brani nk letak sgt gmbr sendiri.. or gambar kawan2.
sounds like a virtual kind of abuse..or...raping.. or apa2 yg sewaktu dgnnya..

bloody scary!

u don't know..whenever you just uploaded a photo of you,or your friends.. and some crazy nasty guys noticed that and immediately save those photos into their laptop or pc..

imagining crazy or whatever u can't even think of..
each time when they are about to sleep..
or..bila2 la..
(mana la sy tahu..sbb sy bukan org mcm tu.)
huu... tak takut ke?
erm...kalo takut saja, xde makna jugak.

take actions!!

dah besar kan semua? pndai2 la pikir sendiri..
all I can suggest :

1. remove gmbr yg obviously menampakkan muka.. apa2 gmbr la.. yg aksi gedik ke, ala2 mengguda ke hape ke.. gmbr dlm bilik, atas katil ke.. ape2 jela..gmbr ngan member rmai2, pkai tdung labuh pn? oh! jgn igt org seksi2 je kena abuse.. dunia zaman skrg ni..hurmm... xtaw la nk ckp cmne. take precautions steps, xrugi kot..

2. kalo nk remove pn, mgkin masih dpt di-trace via encik google. yela, once u upload a pic into the internet, it'll remain there like forever. so.. apa yg boleh dilakukan lg.. stop uploading more pics of yourself. no more..
ckup smpai apa yg ada..

I'm telling you cause I care. I give suggestions, what you can actually do. But it's still in your hands. I'm not gonna force you or what so ever. pndai2 la fikir sendiri. NOT SAYING ALL GUYS OUT THERE JAHAT, OR CRAZY... but, it's a good thing to protect ourselves from such nasty things. don't you think so?

mgkinla terdetik.." perghh..tegas gile oh suggestions! huhu.."
ntahla.. oredi ajar diri sendiri mcm tu. lama2 leh je buat..or apply. awal2 mmg degil. huhu..
korang myb ada cara len ke.. ape ke, terserah.
but somehow, sy x brani nk letak diri sy in such risks.
xpela xlawa kbabom pn -__-"
at least, I tried apa yg terdaya.
and I still am.

The devils never stop menghasut anak adam.Kan?

Sunday, January 2, 2011 0 comments

spirit within

it's 2 Jan already..

aihh.. byk perancangan tahun nih.
knape aura tahun baru sgt trasa ye kali ni?

apepun, I like~

this is my life, sy harus rancang baik2.
selebihnya, biar Tuhan yg decide.

I should be more serious with my life.
asek maen taram jek..

enough with d dark year.
it's all in d past.
I feel so alive now!
let's have a fresh start!


smoga tahun ni lg baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya, amin~

oh, one more thing. my cuzin dah gave birth to her son n daughter. a twin!
owh, so cute~~
tak tgk pn lg, tp I know it's going to be very adorable.
I always fascinated by twins.

I wonder if I have a twin gene in my chromosome.

(aci ke, nk mengandung tp xnak melahirkan? :P sgt menakutkan ok bila dgr cter org in labor room...huhu..)
with blood n scissors. uuu..ngeri! mintak2 la mudah jek mcm kakak syaz. sempat lg gelak.. adesh
(syaz ckp rahsianya..bykkan berjalan~)

amboi, ckp mcm org pregnant pulak..hahaha :P