Tuesday, February 22, 2011 3 comments

I saw it in my dream, an engagement of somebody.

smlm, sy mimipi something yg sy xexpect pn nk mimpi..

at least after a long while.
i dreamed of 'him'!

nk kate terfikirkan dy, xde la pulak..
(oh, ade la skali tu.. masa breakfast. satu flashback xsemena-mena singgah kat kepala. pelik betul.. tgh minum pn boleh dy nk mai..hurm..dy dtg sendiri ok, xdenye nk sgja p igt)

mlm td.. mimpi..
somebody told me, her sister wanna talk to me.

feels kinda weird, tp.. jumpe jela..
tup2.. jumpe mak dy.
(apesal sume pkai kaler purple neh?? ops.. ada mjlis kah? dy nk kawen kah?)

sebelah mak dy, adela org tu..
hm...bakal tunag@isteri dia..
(xsure mjlis kawen ke b'tunang..)

aku slm mak dy.
yela..slm jela sume org.. pompuan..
dan.. aku slm jugak bakal tunang@isteri dy tuh..

lame jgk aku cium tgn dy. i expect she's older than me lah..
teringat masa aku sedikit kutuk dy dulu..huhu
org tgh emosi xstable.
hope dy maafkan lah..
kutuk ke? bkn la kutuk.. cume nada x puas ati..
nada cam "wei, ko pehal sibuk mencelah.. mcm da xde org len dh atas dunia nih"
dlm ati jela..
yg keluar lain sikit bunyinye kot..
ntah, ak pn dah lupa..
tp masa tu jela.. skrg ak da xkesah pon..
cuma kalo bleh ak nk elak la drp buat ape2 yg berisiko utk bwat ak igt balik..
ape yg da berlaku.. dah la.. bnda dh lepas.

then.. ntah cmne.. smpai satu tmpt.. rmai org..
ada kanopi, kain rentang (hiasan) kaler kuning..
mmg rupe cam mjlis kawen lah..
at first ak igt cam tunang je, tp.. xkan la nk bertunang pn besor benor acaranya..
i tot he's going to practice that.. bertunang, diam2 je.. kawen baru heboh2..

teramat bersyukurlah sekali, I never saw him in that dream.

then, I woke up in my room, kt rumah..
pk2.. betul ke ape yg aku nmpk tuh?
ke..mimpi je?
so.. ak g kt tmpt kejadian..
betul upenye,
masih ade kanopi yg tinggal. hiasan pn belum dialih sepenuhnya.
it was yesterday..

i not remembering of singgah mkn..
not remembering of naik rumah jumpe pengantin n so on..
just passing by to see it..

hurm.. tibe2.. aku terjaga..
mimpi sggh rupanya..

tp, kenapa so sudden?
xde pulak ak tertanyakan dy..
terfikirkan dy..
apetah lg.. sengaja memikirkan..

so, waking up this morning.. ak terus bk belog dy
(jarang skali ak tringin utk berbuat begini ok)

oh, ade gmbr engagement!
ade gmbr tunang dy, tp xjelas..sbb tunduk slm mak dy..

ntah same ke x ngan dlm mimpi aku tuh.. huhu

dh bertunang rupanya..
aku x tahu menahu pn..
(xbrmkna aku nk amik tahu..let bygone be bygone kan)

cuma nk pastikan mimpi ak je..

tererrlah, God told me tru dreams..
(org ckp mimpi tu mainan syaitan.. tp, xkan syaitan baik sgt nk bgtau ak kalo dy dh bertunang skali pun..)

hm.. smoga bahagia lah hendaknya..

huu.. teruskan menunggu pemilik tulang rusuk aku..

xpela, perit takat mana pun, it's an important phase in my life.
but it was so long ago..

sorry to say, i tried to remember his face.. after I really woke up dis morning.
surprisingly, I can't.
I remember d smile, the nose..eyes, ears n hair..
but I can't combine them all..to create a face i recognize.

i don't know.. to thank or what..
my memory's depleting.. I don't really remember most about him..
they just come in flashbacks sometimes..


can't really believe it's ending this way..
can't really believe, it actually ends..

can't believe.. it is so hard to find someone that accept you as you are..

am i really that easy to let go?

(ah.. knock it off..
u'll find someone who'll appreciate you..
if u don't.. u always hv ur family to love right?
ur family loves you more than you know..)

(besides, it's you who really want to be serious when u involve in such relationship right? God knows what's best for you....)



"I'm done. I'm so done!"

kata Jacob. Kataku jua.

oh Jacob. watak Twilight.
si serigala.

I'm so done. lg skali.
I never good in interviews.
interview main2 juga.
I can't control my nervousness.

otak pk lain.
ckp bnda lain.
buat bnda lain.
rumit jd manusia.

ntah mcm mana nk interview kerja nnti.
neves. blank. blur. stutter.
it's all me.

I'm bad in direct contacts.
sometimes I can be very convincing.. virtually.. on the line.
in d real world, I'm quite d opposite.

really infected with d internet disease.
enslaved by bloggings.
chained to this laptop.
drugged by FB's n so on.

shud get a remedy.
where to get?
from whom?

I'm so done with interviews.
what shud I do..?


so intoxicated with twilight.
even watch it everyday.
stalking Alice, I might say.
she's so beautiful. so adorable.

just finished downloading HD of the trilogy.
I can clearly see the sparklings on Edwards body.
(I might say face)

better than cinema pirates.
(well, guess I am a pirate now)

illegal. easy. free.
that's me. again.


getting busier.
added with lab reports.
of organs.
of fishes.


can't wait till all of this ends.
this final year thing.
I just wanna seat at home..
 gain some more experiences.

oh. Jom Heboh's coming dis weekend.
Just wasting spending some times wif friends.
I really need some distance from this lappy.


mind's on art rite now.
sewing. designing.
and stuff.

photography? hurm.. not in the mood.

something's bugging me.
messing my mood.

sort of tired to cheer myself for the moment.
by myself, literally.

feels.. so.. alone...

passed by a bunch of students.
2 boys. 2 girls.

one of the boys played guitar.

played "Baik2 Sayang" by Wali Band.
so sweet.

so lovely, if having someone who wud play guitar 4 me..

wonder, is guitar allowed in Islam?
*i know d answer. just acting like I didn't*
being 21, n alone.

*just endure it some more years. u'll meet him oneday :)*

**is being 21 supposed to feel so complicated?**
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 0 comments

to thee..

this is what once i wished for..

so, i shudn't regret.. right?

I wanted to be invisible.
bcoz at that time I was so upset.

but.. it hurts sometimes..

still, I'm glad HE heard my prayers.

I don't know.. if this what I've really imagined.
or.. this may just be a punishment for what I did in my past.

sure.. I never wanted to be hated.
nor to be totally ignored.

Everyone wants to be loved.
to be acknowledged for any possible reasons.
me either.

guess my words have eaten me up.
I feel so alone in the crowd.
I feel a wide and super deep gap between us all..

I wished I was Alice..
but it seems like..
I'm just a Bella.

minus Edward, or Jacob.

I'm just by myself.

no one seems to really2 care of me.
now I am feeling like crying..
but does anyone would listen?

my lips and tongue are sealed.
I can't confess.
I can't speak of what I really feel.

even I shout it out loud in my heart.

no one replies.
this is sad.
this is scary.
being alone..
in a very young age.

this is the age where I should laugh out loud..
go somewhere with my girlfriends.
do something crazy..
then laugh again and again...


I want to tell them.. I love them so much..
those I call my friends.
well.. if they do think I'm one of their friends...

but my heart did shrink.. when I was not the one they'll come after..
to share stories.. happy or sad..

it's like.. I was no body.
I'm out of the list.
I want to be there for them. I really do.
but if they won't let me, what's more can I do?

I do feel pity looking my self in d mirror.
I see no one but a sad growing up girl, all by herself.
a dark background.
and an image of her friends laughing at her.

I am invisible.
my bad, I'm cold as ice.
but.. seems like no one care to break it and reach the warmth inside.
sorry cuz sometimes I can be a little bit mean.
But, is that all people can see on me?


I really love you guys..u know..
I guess.. I just need to pretend some more months here..

it's what I always do.
acting happy go lucky, like i have no problems at all..

wish you guys d best in the future..

it's okay if someday ahead.. you don't even remember on knowing me..
even my heart will definitely feel disappointed.

but, I wish.. that you would say when you hear someone saying my name..

"oh, I know her.. she's my friend..."

and again.. I really love you guys.
I might just cold enuf to admit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 0 comments

monolog: y sy ske dslr

Kenapa sy suka DSLR? ye.. kenapa?
kenapa sy begitu obses dgn gadget yg mahal itu?
selalunya.. bila bertembung dgn mereka yg mempunyai bnda itu, sy akan lari.
hati mula remuk rendam (kononla..)
sy jeles.

kenapa sy jeles pd bnda tu?

sy kerap bergosip akan bnda itu.
kenapa sy suka sgt gossip akan bnda itu?

bile pk2 balik..
da jd lost.

kalo stkt nk amik gmbr, compact camera pn boleh.

ape yg sbnrnya sy cari pada bnda itu?
kenapa sy nak sgt cari?

haha.. fenim punya post 

~monolog bermula~

kalo dslr, gmbr cntik..

so? nk bwat ape kalo dpt gmbr cntik2?

sy rs puas la.. kot..

oo.. kes nak puaskan hati la ni?

yela kot.. huhu

berbaloi x? mahal oo.. I mean, berbaloi x invest a bunch of money 4 ur interest tu?
len la kalo buka kedai gmbr ke ape..

eii..suka hati sy la nk minat ape pun..

dah la bnda tu, lelaki yg monopoli..
awk tu da la segan2.. jumpa lelaki terketar2.. nk belajar guna bnda tu pn susah nnti..
kalo pompuan, jd model la.. photographer lelaki.. bru ok..

cess.. model? lg la sy segan. ke situ pulakk.. takat camwhoring, bley r.. haha..
I kan pemalu~~

ok, fine.. so.. what's ur ultimate purpose on putting it in ur wishlist?
duit byk tu, leh bwat bnda len daa..
beli la.. lappy baru ke.. ha, kata berkenan kt notebook lak skrg kn..
nnti nk beli kereta lg ble nk kerja nnti..

uish.. laptop ni ok lg pe.. kete pn, pnjam la kete abah dulu..

same goes to ur compact camera skrg. ok lg kan? bru je kot lg.. xsmpai setahun lg..

eh eh.. ade sy ckp nk beli dlm masa terdekat ke bnda alah tu??

xde laa.. ekpun, nmpk cam da determined sgt nakkan bnda tu..huu.. nafsu je kot..

mgkin la.. tp, i don't really think investing money over our interest tu satu pembaziran..
I don't want to be a robot..

eish.. yg pegi interested ngan bnda2 mahal ni, sape suruh ha?

nk bwat cmne.. da terjadik sendiri..huhu -__-"

seyes la ckp, ble ada bnda tu.. kena byk bergaul.. especially ngan lelaki.. sebab lelaki yg rmai ada bnda tu..  n that's ur main weak spot.

huu.. I am trying to improv my social skill la skrg..


dah2 la.. sy pun da lost ni.
if u ask me again, kenape sy gilakan bnda tu.. I'll say.. sbb sy minat. tu je yg boleh sy ckp..

yela2.. tp, awk tu bkn la org berada sgt.. duit byk kegunaan len..

eiii.. ni buat sy rs nak kawen ngan tan sri neh. haha... eh.. anak tan sri la, muda sikit.. pilot ke, kontraktor ke..engineer ke..org bisness ke :P

ahh.. xpyh melalut. awk tu bdk kmpung je. xdenya anak tan sri nk kt awk..

org gurau jelaa.. ishhk.. sy taw la sy sape.. tsskk :P

dah2.. da mcm org gila ckp sorg2 neh.. g edit thesis tuh. skrg ni xpyh nk brangan lebih, duit pn xdak lg.. 


p/s: oh, mgkin jg kerana sy rs tercabar...
Friday, February 11, 2011 2 comments

Flipped, my Flipped.

just finished watching Flipped.
such a sweet, real-like story.

like.. I've been there some time ago..

It's a movie, a love story between Juli Baker and Bryce Loski.
a decent childhood love.

Juli liked him at the first time she met that boy. She's right.
Bryce do have a pair of dazzling eyes.
a fine nose.
a charming smile.

amongst all, I love the scene when Juli's mother kissed her eyebrow before she fall asleep. a very short scene. I don't really know why..
I can't remember when was the last time my mother kissed me.
Or receiving a real hug from her.

hmm.. myb that's one of the reasons I grow up cold like this.
I can hardly show the tenderness of love to those I really care.

oh.. not blaming her. There are hundreds n thousands of possible reasons to this.
She's a great mother. Maybe she showed her love in her prayers.. who knows..

hmm.. I'm not in d mood to write the whole story summary.
u all can browse d internet for it.

if u guys like sweet, romantic story.. I do suggest u to watch it.
haha.. not a single kissing scene (almost).. so it's safe enough :p

guess.. it's kinda too late to have d same story as them.
I'm growing up.

but.. they say, it's never too late to fall in love with d true one :)

I'm glad.. I do have a nice childhood love. First love, I might say.
It was sweet.
It was decent.
So pure, so shy, where people made gossips and spread through the school and u keep on pretending like u didn't hear it, 
where friends keep on teasing u when he was around and u just acted like u didn't care (even ur heart could just burst out each time u see him, but u can just act like u didn't)
where whatever cloths he wears seems perfect on him.
his smile would make u feel like fainting. like a drug or something. very intoxicating. 
like the sweetest smile u ever saw.
where everyday seems like u're in heaven.
being in the class is your greatest pleasure..since u can watch him at the corridor of his class, just at the opposite of ur class. 
(sometimes whenever u see him watching u, u're heart beats so fast..u afraid that he may caught u watching him too. at the same time, u feel like drugged with an ecstasy. extremely happy, that he wud even look at u. ) 
seeing his talking to others girls make u mad. u're jealous. u never talked to him directly at school.
even madder when some gossip him with other girls.
u even cried for such ridiculous expectations and thoughts.
u're hurt when knowing a friend of yours also liked him. u feel like giving up. but actually, there's nothing to give up on. he's not even yours. and that doubles d hurt.
u even tried to match his shirt's colors.
if u don't have, u bought them.
u even write every single scene of the day in a diary. those with him in the story.
and..i'm pretty sure.. it's everyday.
u liked him, but of course u are too shy to admit.
you tried to take pics of him, hoping he wouldn't notice. but u're not crazy enough to put it under ur pillow or in ur desk's drawer so that u can watch it everyday. u extremely afraid of getting caught by ur friends.
u even bought all the pictures that have him in when the year book committee. 
Even those which he can hardly be seen.
u pray for his good life. pray for his success in his examinations, or what even he's been doing.
sometimes, u even forget to pray for urself.
you try to notice so many things about him. where's his home. his phone number (even u wudn't even try to call), his favourite color, his best friends, his interest..
without u realizing that u started to like the same thing.
everything about him.

kinda innocent back there.. right?

thanks 4 giving me a nice memory at school.

oh come on, didn't u say u got over it already?
yes I did..
so, what's this all about? telling these kind of stuff?
I'm just telling. Nothing much. I'm not expecting anything upon writing this.
Hope u r sure with that.
I am. Besides, how can I ever forget my first love. It's like.. impossible. Right? Everyone got first love.. just that d story wudn't be d same.
Okay, I hear u.
I'm just being thankful here.. I'll be fine, alrite..?

p/s/s: "..was clean and smooth from the outside, but it seemed like there was something rotten buried just beneath the surface." -Juli
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Menjahit, Nenek dan Kerjaya.

(my budak xmatured nye karangan)
 Minat dan Harapan Saya
Nama saya Wan Zarin Fariha Wan Ismail. Kawan2 sy pnggil sy Zarin. Ada juga yg pggil sy Yen. Sy berasal dari Kampung Gong Pasir. Ayah sy seorang pembantu perubatan, tetapi beliau telah pencen bermula 2 Feb baru2 ini. Ibu sy pula seorg Jururawat. Pangkat beliau adalah Phn. Sy pun tidak tahu Phn itu apa. Sy mempunyai seorg adik perempuan dan seorang adik lelaki. Adik perempuan sy bernama Amalina, dia muda 2 tahun dari sy. Adik lelaki sy pula bernama Khaizuran. Dia berumur 6 tahun. Keluarga kami telah menjadikan dia anak angkat sewaktu mula2 dia lahir, namun kami sygkan dia seperti darah daging kami sendiri.

Keluarga sy biasa2 saja. Kali ini sy ingin menceritakan tentang salah satu minat sy dan nenek kesayangan saya. Sy mempunyai pelbagai jenis minat. Saya minat byk perkara. Sy suka mkn macam2 makanan (kecuali kerang dan mknn yg masam). Salah satu dari minat sy yg banyak itu adalah menjahit. Tetapi, sy terfikir juga, jika saya cakap sy suka menjahit, adakah sy akan dikatakan kekampungan? Redzuan Radzwil (sy tidak pasti ejaannya) juga menjahit. Jimmy Choo yang sangat terkenal itu pun menjahit juga. Hasil mereka digunakan oleh orang-orang ternama. 

Masa sy kecil2 dahulu, sy sering ke rumah nenek sy yang terletak tidak jauh dari rumah saya. Nenek sy pandai menjahit. Beliau menerima tempahan menjahit dari orang2 kampung. Sy suka belajar menjahit dengan nenek sy. Pernah juga sy jahit uncang2 kecil dengan pelbagai saiz dan kemudiannya menjualnya kepada kawan2 di sekolah. Banyak kain reja di rumah nenek yang masih elok dan dapat sy gunakan. Nenek pernah ckp, dalam ramai2 cucu, sy saja yang rajin belajar menjahit dengan beliau. Sekurang-kurangnya ada juga pewaris. Sy sangat sedih bila beliau berkata begitu. Secara tidak langsung sy menjadi buah harapannya.

Sekarang sy sudah jarang ke rumah nenek. Tambahan pula, sy berada di asrama dan jarang pulang ke kampung. Sy baru sempat belajar cara menjahit baju kurung dan seluar. Saya ingin belajar byk lagi. Cara jahit kain sembahyang, cara menyulam, cara buat bantal kekabu dan macam2 lagi. 

Tidak lama lagi saya akan habis belajar. Sementara menunggu kerja yang kukuh, saya ingin mendalami ilmu menjahit. Pernah juga sy berangan untuk buka butik, buka bisnes sendiri. Sy ingin menyambung legasi menjahit nenek (bukanlah legasi sangat pun, cuma sy tidak menemui perkataan yg tepat untuk digunakan sekarang). Sy ingin buka butik untuk muslimah. Sy lihat byk blouse dan dres di pasaran, tapi byk juga yang tidak menepati kehendak sy. Kebanyakannya menggunakan kain yang jarang, yang mana merupakan salah satu ciri2 yang paling sy tidak suka.

Sy berharap ia tidak sekadar menjadi angan2 yg terbang di bawa angin. Cuma, sy tidak pernah terlibat dengan perniagaan dan sy juga tidak mempunyai asal-usul peniaga berjaya. Pastinya ia akan menjadi satu cita2 yang sukar untuk sy kecapi.

Apa pun kerjaya sy nanti, sy bersyukur. Sy cuma berharap sy dapat bekerja dengan ikhlas dan tidak sekadar menjadi robot bagi mana2 institusi pekerjaan. Pekerjaan yang halal dan dlm masa yang sama, tidak menyekat sy untuk mencurah sepenuh kasih syg dan tanggungjawab pada keluarga sy nanti.

p/s: tengah mood rasa macam nk jadi budak2.. tired lah jd org besar neh. byk bnda nk kena pk. jd budak2 gak best... huu..

I need a reset switch!

oke, last post b4 tdo..last buka blog 4 tday..

seriously, kena fokus pada keje2 thesis neh.

skrg neh, my biological clock mmg kembali rosak.

bangun lambat, skip breakfast.. tido lambat..
tak exercise.. teruk lah..

ishk.. mana pegi semua smgt mcm mula2 masuk Januari 2011 neh??

this is bad! this is definitely getting worse.

i need something untuk reset my mind.
something strong enough to remind me.

tp..apekah?? uhuk..

xleh jd ni! I'm not helping myself. 
org yg berjaya mana ada lifestyle pemalas cmnih.

I won't be able to achieve my goals like this.. nonono!

(ape membebel ni zarengg??)

xdela. sedikit frust ngan kemalasan yg melanda. uhu :'(

p/s: smlm rase cam na pengsan je ble si cantek yg diadmire ckp about nk jmpe ngan kite (even ngan sume fans dy pn myb she'll be delighted to meet them). teruk btol aku neh ble da adore someone. pompuan je kowt -__-"
kalo lelaki yg ak admire ckp cmtuh, terus koma kot. ahaha :P
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 0 comments

few months to go~

eeii.... tak sabar nk grad!
huh huh huh

(memikirkan akan grad taon ni.. itu je yg mengubat ketensyenan jd student taon akhir..)


Basic facial care

haa.. ni ada idea sket nk tulis ape..

tp cam pelik sket bg sy nk menulis bnda2 cmnih..
ah, lntak la..
idea da dtg.. tulis jela kan..
ala2 sharing la untuk gadis2 skalian..
hehe.. lelaki pn boley gak..huhu

ni semua gara2 g bilik air td..
tertengok cermin.
nmpk muka sendiri..
(yela.. xkan nmpk muka org len plk kn..)

sy brenti.
tgk lame2..

eh.. apesal cam makin cerah lak nih??
tak pkai bdak ape pun td..

agaknya betul2 berkesan kot pencuci muka safi ni..

yg tepi skali, yg kaler biru tu

patotnye, bile nk bwat testimoni cmnih.. kena letak muka sebelum n selepas kan.. 
eish.. xleh2.. nanti ada org save as..haha..

(perasan yg amat ok -_-")

ala... pndai2 la agak makin cerah tu macam mana. bukan la dari itam terus jadik putih.
eish.. cerah la sikit dr sblm2 tuh..

ala2 mcm da pkai bdak.

ntah ape bahan la dy letak..
sy da lame xpkai produk safi syurah syahirah sgala (yg bunyi cam produk mesia)
salu pkai cam nivea, er.. eversoft (kot..) er.. ade lg lah.. da x igt, sbb salu tukar2..

tetibe cam rs nk try lak safi..
lgpun kompem halal bersih dan suci kan..

(tetibe mai concern dlm diri. uhu.. yela, kite kena gak alert ngan ape2 yg kite pkai, guna.. mana tau, kot2 ada sumber2 xharam ke.. mcm..lemak bab* ke ape ke kan.. kite lak duk sapu kt muka hari2.. ish.. so, baik pilih yg meyakinkan. yg syubhah2 tu.. elakkan jela, senang cter.. huhu)

xdenya nk pkai satu set sgala.. sy ni jenis cepat bosan. 
(erk, bukan la cepat bosan cmne, tp..suka cuba bnda baru)
uhu.. duit kena simpan.. byk nk guna di hari mendatang..
contohnye.. kawen ke, dslr ke, g haji, umrah ke..g oc ke.. nk beli rumah ke.. nk mulakan bisnes sendiri ke..

ade la satu lg produk safi yg sy guna..
toner safi balqis..
antara yg plg murah dh tu..

(takot gak kalo murah2 sgt.. kang ade letak bahan2 corrosive ape2 ke kt dlm.. bahaya~)

xtaw la kalo sy sorg je rs makin cerah ni.. haha :P

okla, di sini saya nak bagi basic steps untuk penjagaan muka.
based on ape sy buat n pembacaan dr mana2 sumber lah..

1. Cuci muka.
 Banyak perkara sebenarnya dengan mencuci muka ni. Ada yg cakap, better basuh muka ngan air suam, sebab nak buka pori2 kulit.. barulah lg efisyen pencuci muka tu bertindak.
Duk asrama ni, mana la ada pemanas air kan kat bilik air tuh.
bntai je, janji basuh muka..

tp kan, ada je girls yg xguna pencuci muka sgala, tp..lawa je kulit.
haa.. tu mmg da anugerah kelebihan dy la, dpt kulit cmtuh. jimat~

pencuci muka pulak, ikut la kesesuaian ngan kulit.
yg sensitif, pkai la yg untuk sensitif.

kalo cam sy, ala2 berminyak sket. combination kot.. ntah la..
tp kalo pkai clean n clear (khas utk kulit berminyak), jd makin berminyak pulak.. adeshh..

takat ni xde lg la pkai yg mahal2 mcm nutrogena ke..(betul ke eja tu?), simple ke.. atau produk2 mcm sendayu tinggi, tia amelia dan sebagainya.. uhu.. 
syg duit.. kalo yg bese2 punya ok je, bwat ape nk pkai yg mahal2..

org ckp kan... kalo biasakan kulit ngan bnda2 mahal.. lame2 dy demand. nk yg mahal jek.. huhu..

cara pakai, secara umumnya...letak sikit atas tapak tangan, letak sikit air.. sapu2, bikin buih.. then gonyoh je la kat muka tu.. hehe.. jgn le kasar sgt, abes la hilang sgala lembapan kulit. nanti rasa kering+tegang melampau pulak muka tu..

2. Skrub
  (apesal cam pelik je ejaannya..eishh..)
Yang ni kite pkai jarang2 je. so, again.. jimat la.. haha..
seminggu skali ke.. ok dah kot.

yang ni function dy untuk tanggalkan sgala daki2 degil..
nk buang kotoran yg tersumbat dalam pori2 kulit..
(taw tak pori tu ape? pori tu liang kulit..)

xleh pkai selalu sebab struktur dy agak kasar, ada microbeads sgala..
kalau pkai hari2, nanti kulit kering.. menggelupas.

so, baik ikut nasihat sy ni.. hehe..
ada je skrub harian, yg tu struktur dy halus la drp skrub biasa..
so, tgk label betul2 masa nk beli.

cara guna: Sama je mcm pencuci muka. Jgn kasar sgt ye.

3. Toner
Yang ni pulak, untuk segarkan kulit, nak sama ratakan warna kulit dan sebagainya. Ramai yg skip step ni. Sy pn baru je nk merajinkan diri pkai bnda ni. huhu..

penting la jgk kot..
they say, krim ke, pelembab ke, foundation ke..hape ke akan lg mudah (not d correct word ni..huhu) untuk lekat kat muka masa kita nk apply. nmpk lg sebati.
mungkin la kot. huhu..
toner pun berfungsi untuk menanggalkan sisa make up.
best kalau pkai yg ada sedikit asid..(tulis asid, bunyi mcm berbahaya je..huhu)
eish..bukan la asid kuat..
ada satu yg sy penah pkai, avon punya..
dy ada AHA (sejenis asid..yg baik untuk kulit la..)

bila tgk kat kapas pembersih tu, fuyohh!! betapa xbersihnya lg muka aku neh..tssk..
kalo sapu kat leher..lg la..

ternyata sabun n pencuci muka masih xckup membersih~

cara guna: Tuangkan sedikit atas kapas pembersih (yg bentuknya segi empat tu), kemudian sapu kat muka secara lembut. (penting tau sapu lembut2 ni. kita taknak lembapan kulit hilang, jadikan muka kering dan xselesa.)

5. Krim Pelembap
 setakat ni, sy penah ada satu je yg betul2 krim pelembap (moisturizer).
yg lain tu, mcm krim pencerah ke..

huhu..da lame xpkai bnda alah ni.
kulit sy jd super berminyak ble pkai pelembap.
sy xpakai pn bnda ni. mls. huhu.. bukan spesis yg terlalu rajin nk menjaga muka. ala kadar suda.. huhu.. slagi xde mslh, ok la tu..

kalo tgk kat pasaran, byk yg tulis revitalizing cream la, whitening cream la, dll..
ni pun ala2 pelembap la jgk..

tp, sy lebih prefer alas bedak.
ada satu tu, alas bedak mustika ratu..murah gile, RM5 jek. haha.. elok je pakai.
(smbil membelek2 botol berkenaan)
siap ada oxygen complex and derivate vitamin A, C, E liposomes..bla2..

tp yg ni utk kulit normal/kering
(yg ni je ada bg kaler kuning langsat..beli jela.. lgpun, RM5 je..kih2..)

ala2 foundation la jgk..
foundation betul2 mahal ok. RM20 ke atas~ (kot..)

kalau hari terlalu terik je, baru sy pakai sunblock..yg ada moisturiser..
sunblock ni ada SPF (bhn nk halang cahaya UV merosakkan kulit)

kelemahannya, SPF tends to buat kulit nmpk super berminyak..
so, kalo pkai produk yg ada SPF.. akan nmpk mcm berminyak la sikit kulit tu.. ni apa yg sy penah dengar la..

cara guna: senang je. letak sikit atas tapak tangan, gosok2 je kt muka. nak cepat kan. bak kate sorg kawan, kena cepat, kena bersemangat waja nak pergi kelas..

ehes :P

Ni tak masuk lg kalo ada nak pakai masker ke, buat facial ke, steam ke.. ape ke.. Like I said, sy nk tulis yg basic je kan.. oh, juga ekonomi nyer kelas. ok la bg yg kedekut nk berjimat atau xbrp nk ada byk duit untuk dilaburkan pd bnda2 alah ni.

p/s: actually, alas bedak tu da masuk satu bab lain, which is touch up, bnda2 make up la.. Paling basic punya steps untuk penjagaan muka: Pencuci muka  > toner > pelembab. Terpaling basic punyaa..: pencuci muka jek. huhu

p/s/s: tribute to someone yg penah tnye sy psl bnda2 neh. harus terharu ok.. haha :P

Sunday, February 6, 2011 2 comments

merapu-rapu si ikan kerapu

erk..title cam x relate jek. 

erk lg..

'ikan kerapu'

hm.. penah gurau psl ikan kerapu ni ngan 'dy' dulu.. satu peribahasa sy reka.. 
bagai ikan kerapu...ngan ikan selayang... hurmm....
tsk :(
sbb sy penah rs cam xlayak tuk dy (mmg xlayak pn kot..huhu)
sbb.. sy xscore sgt lam study.. tp dy.. budak bijak.. sy malu..

(tmpr pipi pelan2..) 
dah2 la tu.. lupekan laa...huhuk...yg lepas tu.. sudah2 la...........

kembali kpd topik..huhu..sy nk menulis..tp, xtaw nk tulis ape..

ape yg terlintas kt kepala skrg..

1. vampire ke, werewolf lg charming? (bbrp minit yg lalu, masa mula2 tulis entri ni)
2. abes blaja ni nk bwat ape?
3.barang2 kt umah sewa, ntah ble bru leh amik.
4. esok kena g hokiseng! bekalan mknn xtertopap lg..
5. cmne nk bwat dwet cepat?? nk kena start simpan ney.. huhuk.. byk impian nk kena guna 
large amount of money.
6. lapar.
7. kena siapkan mlm ni gak part 1 utk portfolio EOP.
8. rasa cam nk melukis. nk lukis Kakashi. hensem kan dia? ala.. yg ada mata sharigan sebelah je tu..
9. nk photoshoot.. huu.. nk blaja psl lighting. tp, kena ada dslr dulu.. ngam ke, blaja lighting tp shoot guna compact camera je?? mcm x je...=.="
10. nk g kt pntai time malam. nk tgk ape rupa bile malam. tp, takot. nnti kena culik.
11. bile la leh beli external baru.......
12. nk g events. ape2 event lah.. rs cam nk melawa.. hahaha :P
13. oh, abes blaja bleh la design bilik kt umah tu! rs cam nk bwat grafiti je~~ (kompem my mom xbg..haha)
14. bile la nk jumpe Mr Right ni...wuu... alone..lonely..loner sungguh rasanya.. haha (gatal!)
15. kenapelaa result FYP neh opposite ngan result yg dijangkakan? apela nk dijawab...
16. ble la nk kaya raya ni.. =.="
17. aku nk keje ape la agaknya pas grad nih..huhu

haha.. tipu la. xde r pe sgt yg terlintas. sume2 tu (kecuali yg nombor satu n no17) di force utk singgah kt otak.


mintak2 la merasa gak sy akan sebuah dslr 3-4 bulan lg..
(eh..da masuk bln 2 kan?? meaning.. lg 2-3 bulan r?? wawahh!!)

mintak2 la xde aral melintang. hehe..

eh eh.. bkn nk beli.. bukan2.. sy masih belum ckup duit nk beli bnda tu..
adela~~ biarlah rhsia~~~


hurm.. nk tulis pe ney..........

(bkn da ter-tulis ke? hurm..)
Friday, February 4, 2011 2 comments


hiyargh.. baru smpai umt.
huhuk..kejap je balik.. sedihss..

nak cter la sket bbrp perkara yg sy rs menarik..

masa mula2 balik ke Dungun, ari selasa lepas,
I noticed few wonderful things.. dlm bas yg saya naik tu..

akceli, attitude la..
(sebut attitude, trus igt fyp, trus takut..haihh..)

there are still nice people out there..
ada penumpang yg ucap time kaseh kat driver..

mmg la ade je org yg mcm ni, tp...jumlahnya x ramai..
salunya org main turun je terus..

so.. it fascinates me la.. 
kan bagus cmtuh..

then.. org yg duk sblh sy..
kitorg xde plk berckp spnjg perjalanan tu..
smpai Dungun baru sy tegur dy, tu pun sbb nk tnya dy..turun kt mana..
(sy kn malu2 kuceng... xckup keberanian nk mulakan percakapan.. huhuk)
kot2 la turun skali, leh mtk tlg dy tekan loceng..sbb cam jauh sket dr sy..
(tp dy turun kt len..)

then, bile bas da brenti, n sy nak turun.. dy hulur tgn, nk salam..
alahai.. bagusnye..

jadi terharu kejap..
one more nice person..
sort of motivating la..
len kali nk wat cmtu la jgk..
bkn takat kite rs nice, or look nice..
org yg tension pn bley surut tensyennye.. kan2?
(tgk keadaan la jgk....pndai2 la agak)

semoga org2 yg mcm ni bertambah bilangannye kt bumi nih..huhu

ari khamis, betolak ke KL. kul 7.30am.
awal gile.. rasa mcm konon2 ada bnda urgent je nk dibuat kt KL tuh..hehe
smpai la kul 2-3pm gtu..
terus solat, terus g Midvalley.
(cam xde tmpt len je nk pegi..huhu..asek2 MidValley..)

nk bwat cmne.. abah xbrp brani nk memandai dlm bndaraya tuh..
fobia sesat.. huhu..

nk mgrib baru balik.. huhu..
tu pun x abes round lg..
ape yg sy duk cari pun masih blom ketemu..

xpuas hati.
mlm tu keluar lg, tp..dkat area hotel tu jgk je..
my mom jumpe pe yg dy cri.. tp sy, masih xjumpe..

dah la rushing2..
barang yg nk dicari xjumpe..
nak amik gmbr tmpt2 best pn xsempat..

oh, bile ckp psl gambar, harusla berkaitan ngan DSLR kan? huhu..

huhu..smpai abah pn da terikut ngan perangai sy..
gile bnda alah tu..
bile nmpk any guy yg bw bnda tuh...terus ckp.."Yen2..tengok tu..!"

huuu..saje je kan nk jeleskan aku? taw2 je aku nk lalu ctu :P

ari ni pun jumpe lg..

oh ye, ari ni for d first time sy naik bas Cas Ligas. ala..bas bandar tu.. bas yg mcm rumah tu..
rsnya kat Tganu je kot ada bas tu.. BANGGE~~

mmg lawa bas tu. rs cam kt venice je
(tetibe =.=")

so..masa kt KT tu, ada la sorg mamat tu duk amik gmbr bas yg sy tgh duk naik tu.
elok plk kena time sy berpaling ke arahnye..
terus nmpk gadget itu. terus jeles. terus cebik muka.

humphh :(

sabar zarin, sabar..huhu

oh, lg 1.. ari ni jgk 1st time sy naik bas sorg2 dr hentian putra. ngehee..
yeay.. da ada pengalaman.. da atasi satu ketakutan. suke~

masa kat hotel tu jumpe ramai gile org Cina. tourist kot. cam xcatch up je bahasa dorg..
my dad cam sigh la kejap tgk dorg tu..
bkn ape.. ambil mknn byk gile (time bfast), mula la org len x ckup..
then, x abes.. byk lak tu bazir..
roti 1 bun xbersentuh pn.. buang jek..
cam x cerdik la kan..

then.. ade gak Indians, from India..
boleh dy g usik2 roti canai guna tgn..
I mean, guna la pengepit yg dah disediakan..
duk sentuh2 cmtu, org len pn nk mkn gak..

cop2.. I'm not trying to be racist rite now.
this is about people, secara am nya.. mslh attitude people tu sendiri..
xkira la bgsa ape ke..
(alamak....terbejangkit ngan KJ aka SV ak ke ney? aduyaii..)

dah2...da magrib.. out dulu =.="

p/s: td pn ada jumpe org bgla..eh..nepal kot.. cam cerah cket.. masuk bas rmai2, ble jumpe geng dorg..terus salam je semua.. kesimpulan: contohi yg baik~
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 0 comments

Home, Mesir, CNY

hee...home sweet home.. ;)
(walaupun ble blik rumah bkn bwat ape sgt pun..huhu)

back to my beloved room.
cuma, kali ni sy sengaja xbw balik lappy..
balik kejap je ni..

baru berpeluang tgk tv..
lamanya xtgk tv.. huhu

baru leh tgk berita live..
tgk yg psl Mesir tu..

ada satu scene tuh.. ada org main campak je barang2 dari sebuah apartment..
(tu je smpat tgk..pastu g mana ntah..huhu...dapur kot)

tibe2 sgt risau. I got frens there.. ape citer la agaknye..

it is good.. avoiding org yg pro-kafir (sorry to say) jd pemerintah..
pemerintah sgt penting kan?
kalo dpt pemerintah yg cmtuh..  abes la sistem negara nak diubahnya..
liberalisme, sekularisme...dll..
ada pulak Islamic Fashion Festival yg haram jadah xkena lgsung ngan theme..
(erk? :P)
ada pulak hub hiburan malam nk ditubuhkan..

sy penah dgr la.. kalo yg halal bercampur ngan yg haram, usually..yg haram akan menang..

but, looking to our world today..pyh betul nk asingkan dua tuh..

cthnya.. filem yg buat cter islamik..
very inspiring..
tp, xleh lari gak..ada je scene sentuh2 antara bukan mahram..
free hair pn ada..

aih..ni lari dr tjuk home sweet home nih..
cume terfikir.. huhu

but, those yg purely..or at least try to separate these two thing to a very distinct border, i salute~~
it takes great courage to do so. huhu

again, let us pray for our frens there.. semoga org yg x bersalah xterima padah drp sume kekacauan tuh..

somehow, tgk mcm perang pn ye jgk..

 i remembered.. perang pun ada adat (ke adab? err... sy cam adab..)
jgn serang pompuan, org tua..kanak2..
jgn serang tmpt ibadat..
pe lg erk?
urm...jgn serang kalo enemy da angkat white flag..

ade lg kot.. xigt dah..

eh eh..lari lg dr topik..

hope encik Hosni cepat2 la letak jwtn, sblm makin parah.. tegar betul dy erk.. dlm rakyat duk membenci dy..
boleh dy bwat dono..
ei..kalo sy la, dibenci oleh satu org pn xnak.. apekan lg satu negara..

so, here I am now..
duk guna comp. umah.
line laju..sbb pkai streamyx..leh la tgk ape2 perkembangan kt youtube..(ade ke?)
bband slow yg amat..
nk tgk vid maher zain nyanyi inshaAllah lam version Malay pn xtertgk2 lg..

esk 3hb, raya cina! yeay..raya..raya~~ haha
haish..ne de sambut..
kite sambut cuti je.. ngeh3

esok g KL.. jejalan..
lame dh x g KL..
lame dh xtgk realiti hidup kt urban area nih..

shopping? huu...menarik..tp, brg x mahal ke?
smlm my dad beli tiga bijik bawang merah..yg besar nye..RM1.40. hangin dy..
siang tu Ella, member satu course yg tlg htr sy g bustop.. hangin jugak..
beli 3 bijik bwang putih.. rm1.50..
mahal yek brg2 skrg?

my dad pn ada gak ckp.. skrg ni, bawang putih rm20 satu kilo!!
perghh!! tak sangke sungguh..
sblm2 ni mmg mahal ke bwg putih ni?

eh eh..lari lg.. brp kali lari dh ni.. huhu..
so.. 4hb, sy dah nk kena balik tganu.
yes, lusa..
naik bas. kat putra.
my family sambung journey to Perak (tu agenda utama sbnrnya..huhu)
my cousin nk bertunang..
(aii...bile la turn aku ni.....hurmmm..:P)

hoho...it'll be my 1st time nek bas sorg2 kt Putra.. takot r sket2..huhu
tiket kul10 pg. so, kena kuar hotel awal r, sbb takot sesat..
yela..org kampung je kan..
kitorng mana biasa kt metropolitan neh..

k la.. hari semakin tggi. ade lak balik umah duk tercatuk dpan komputer kan?

p/s: nak pkai pe la tuk dinner nnti..