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peace be upon you..

"Forgive me my dear blog, I had to put you aside for a while.. "

There's so much to tell but I still can't find the right time to do it all.. just scared all the ideas might fly away.

Hurm… where all the ideas? My head feels empty.

It’s already 1.22am, and my eyes’ are heavy. Still can’t sleep.

I’m already caffeinated.

I have lots of stories to share but I can hardly recall them right now. It’s been a while I’m in my 3rd semester. Things started driving me crazy. 4 labs, means 4 cocky lab reports.

House’s a bit far. No advanced vehicle except that bicycle I just bought. Very much tiring when it’s already late to class. Seriously, feels like in the explorace.

**commercial break..
yay, dengan kebijaksaan yang ada, berjaya juge sy masak sayur yg mcm kt kedai hari tu..alhamdullilah, bertambah lagi koleksi resepi..hihi


erm..lot's of universities already closed. what about UMT? there's some students already been suspected. even in my course. I still remember the moment when I became a suspect too. the hospital took my blood sample and I can nervously wait for the results. It's just after I went back from KMPII. demam panas, sakit tekak..sume la..selesema skali.

alhamdulillah, nothing serious. (huhu...tak jadi nak buat surat wasiat..)

my dearest friends, be careful ok....
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KMP II- news paper scan pics

just two of them. provided for those who interested only..hehe

above pic - dated 26 June, full article. sedihnye, tak sume masuk..(-_-)
below pic - dated 29 June, just a pic..ala2 lensa sinar la..(suka la sape yg masuk paper tu..hihi)

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With Akhawat

Salam alaik..

It has been a week since the 3rd sem started. Means… it’s also been a week I’m staying in this house I rent with other 4 housemates. House OK, quite big for 5 people. Just nice.

It’s time to learn how to be independent…

Sincerely, there’s a big difference from my previous life here. A culture shock at first, but fitting in is my priority to survive… almost.

Opss! Before I reveal further about my new life in my new house with my new housemates and friends… let me share a bit about my so called ‘previous life’( in my 1st year ).

I stayed in a room at the hostel, with other 3 room mates. All of us are just like other majority people. We don’t really strict in managing our life. We do what we think we can. We don’t do what we think we can’t. We are not that Islamic, but we’re not that social as well. Life’s simple.

Free time filled with waking up very late in d morning, watching movies, endless n worthless chats among roommates, play games, sleep, eat, revise the lecture notes(in case very rajin la tu..), finish the assignments and so on. Performing solat at musolla wasn't included. Same goes to ta'lim and other related stuff. I did join the usrah, but there's so much reasons for not following the schedule. The same routine in weekends...


I live with akhawat. What’s that? Well, what I can simplify about it’s definition is a bunch of girls with strong bonds to help and improve each other in the effort of getting the Almighty redha.

The routine is different. Here, we pray in jemaah in most of the time. After that, we’ll recite al-Ma’thurat together. We try not to sleep after Fajr. We try to wake up early, so that we can perform the Qiam. Lack of worthless chats, we rather give tazkirah, a simple ta’lim, tell stories about sirah and hadith, share the knowledge about things that can improve our Iman ( InsyaAllah ). Sometimes, other akhawat did come here. They got meetings, musyawarah to improve the da’wah progress. Maybe that’s why this house not as hot as my previous room. The baraqah is here..


*Commercial break – today’s the first day we cook. Nasi+tumis ikan bilis+kobis masak telur+telur dadar+kordial anggur yg rasa dia mcm roselle(kata kak niza, the eldest housemate-already graduated). Just nice for bujang-ers’. Huhu..tak sangka, diri ini mampu memasak rupanya..



Emm… I’m just a person that can easily affected by people around me, especially my friends. So, choosing who I must be with is really important. That’s why I tried to be close to these people that I think could possibly guide me and my life. So that I won’t slipped away too far from the purpose of living - to seek His redha and serve as a good servant. (Even there are moments when parts of me become really stubborn and rebellious to this path of life I’ve chose). Of course, there are lots of obstacles in doing good things.

Fighting is prescribed upon you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah know,, and you know not.


I’m just too weak to walk on this earth alone… too weak to istiqamah..too weak to fight what nafs keep telling me. I need to fight what looks nice in this two eyes.. I must.

I just need to hold on longer, force myself to accept the rules in this house so they’ll suit my routine. I know, I can’t manage my life alone. I need someone that can always remind me when I forgot, encourage me to do what a good servant got to do. Hope that one day, I can be as strong as other akhawat too… ameen.

p/s: don't become prejudice to other people. Befriend with everyone, but choose the right one to be your sahabat.

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Ape tag2 ni?

ape la syaf ni..pksa rela org isi bnda ni..hihi

1. Apa Perasaan Anda Sekarang?
hurm..dilanda kemalasan..tuk kemas brg..lusa da nk g UMT..huu..

2. Saya nak makan..
durian, sushi yg adik bwk balik td.. ciput sgt..

3. Saya x suka..
org yg tak percayakan saye, org yg berkias2...(xfhm la..stret 2 d point je trus, sng), citer mslh kat orang lain, mtk tlg..
4. Impian saya...
byk..ada dlm wishlist..overall, kebahagian dunia dan akhirat la..

5. Haiwan yang saya x suka...
'kerbau pendek', lalat..hmm..byk yg terbang2 nyer serangga kot..tu kira haiwan jgk kn3..

6. Saya harapkan...
sihat la cpat2 zarin..sem 3 dah nk mula ni..

7. Jika boleh putarkan masa...
nk bwat btol2 juge dlm spm..leh g, bhy jgk..skrg x slamat..h1n1.. hmm..btw, bleh ke putar masa??
8. Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?
10 thun lg? 29 years old la tu dh ada kerja yg kukuh( I'Allah) kalu phD dh abes la, dh ada husband n anak2 dh kot..huhu..agak2 gemuk ke kurus lg ye time tu?? xreti la nk ramal2 ni..ntah2 sy dh xde atas muka bumi ni..ntah2 ms tu dh kiamat..byk la ntah2 nye..
9. Handphone saya adalah sebuah?
??alat komunikasi le.juge jd alarm clock n reminder..nk buat ape,besday siapa..jrg calling2..sms saje..jimat. tgkp2 gmbr, dgr, dalam sume tu..plg sy suke sms le..murah, 1 sen je. lgpn slalu dpt sms free utk 8pax..tu yg suke tu..

10. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?
hoho..brp kali ye?hm..1? 2?..hmm..1 je ntah..hihi.. bg definisi cinta sket..

11. Saya suka pada...
ape2 yg sedap mata memandang, laptop n hanset(n gadget berkaitan), org2 yg spotting, sesuatu yg membawa kpd suke skolah sy..oh, sy suke juge pd yg sudi kongsi rahsia atau citer mslh kat dihargai. dipercayai..terharu2..

12. Kawan-kawan saya...
yg mana? byk le.. mcm2 jenis. yg gila2, yg soleh n solehah, yg mcm wanita melayu terakhir, yg nerd, yg kucar kacir cam sy, yg sibuk je nk tau psl org, yg simpan rahsia sy..mcm2 la..

13. Pernah dikhianati?
pernah ke ea? pernah, misunderstanding je sbnrnye..biasa la, lidah sendiri pn bleh kan dgn org lain..

14. Apakah yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yg mengkhianati anda?
bwat tak kenal je..(dah mrh sgt kn...) bila da reda, buat x igt psl pengkhianatan tu..kalu diungkit, maunye berderai air mata..xleh r psl frenship ni, cpat terharu..emo..huk2

15. Senaraikan 8 org utk di tagged:
mesti ke tag org lain jgk? pnat la isi bnda alah ni..xnk pn dh kira rajin tahap maksimum dh ni.. sape rs nk buat, buat la..