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welcome 2012

esok tahun baru 2012.
I believe there will be lots of entries regarding this.

apepun, Selamat Tahun Baru kepada semua!
semoga apa yg tercatat dlm wishlist tercapai lah ye ;)
hm.. sy pn nk bwat wish jgk sempena tahun baru ni.
not just wishes la I can say. more like matlamat. ape yg sy nk cuba capai utk tahun depan.

1. dapat pekerjaan. hm.. why xnak sambung some people asked. hm.. actually my jealousy upon kwn2 yg belajar kat oversea smakin unbearable. so.. hopefully sy dpt bwat master kt oc.
not easy. no small affair. but.. I have to set my goals right? ni xdek la genius mana.. xde orang dtg nk taja. well.. long way to go. cmne2 pon, kena kumpul duit dlu.

2. berhijrah. berhijrah dari negeri Terengganu. hm.. dad always told me to go out of Terengganu. even so, I am a bit reluctant since abah dh pencen.. but still keje part time kt Klinik kt Petronas Kertih tu. So he won't be around at home much. Mom' she not very well actually. Still working. I know my existence kt umah xdek make such a big different pn. She's still d one who do all the cookings n all. not that sy ni mls sgt nk masak.. just that, I like to eat her cookings..wuuuuu... hm, anyway... somehow..some day.. I must go out. I really want to go out. learn new culture. not Terengganu's. so that I can improve myself.

3. buy a dslr! oh yes, I've been talking a lot about how much I want a dslr right? hm. If I have a job, I can save some for dslr. bukanla nk beli yg mahal gedabak tuh.. beginner level pn da ok. 2nd hand pon da ok sgt2.. sbb sy minat as hobby je. minat nak belajar. I have one in my head. Canon eos 550d. da lame kot kuar.. nk beli yg 2nd je kot. kalo la terlebih saving.. bleh la angkat yg baru punyaa.. or.. yg lg advance ke. hehe.. hopefully bleh beli satu b4 May.

tu material wishes plg obvious la kot takat nih.
kalo nk ckp psl azam lak.. byk je kot yg redundant ngan yg lepas pnya. apelah2.. janji sume2 yg positif.

erk..satu lg.. I wish to meet..or..get to know.. or.. hv any idea whom my Mr Right would be. seyes da makin jeles.. tiap2 taon ade je cuzin yg kawen. yg belom pn, da ade calon. huah.. da bley start cari kotnye.. hohohh..(bkn mmg da lame cari ke?? hahaha) yela.. sy taw sy penah ckp.. nk berchinte pas kawen kan. tp, nk la jgk tahu sedikit sbyk b4 kawen tuh. nk la jgk kawan dlu.. lgpn ak neh bkn la spesis suke nk dating2 ke hape. I'm glad that I'm sort of sorg yg menjaga. huha-huha pn.. xdek r sosial sgt.
bkn nk perasan. tp..mmg perasan diri cmtuh pon. hahaha :P

I also wish that I, my family n my frens..n whoever yg sy kenal.. diberikan hidup yg diberkati. Dijauhkan dari bnda2 xelok. Benda2 yg dimurkai. Semoga dipanjangkan umur. Semoga mati dalam iman. Husnul Khotimah. Semoga..diberi kekuatan untuk meninggalkan ape2 yg terlarang..atau ape2 yg tak disukaiNya. Diberi kebahagiaan dlm keluarga. dlm apa jua pekerjaan. semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dimurahkan rasa bersyukur dalam diri. semoga tidak terlalu memandang dunia berbanding ketaatan sebagai hamba. Semoga Allah sayang. 

sy ada banyak impian, banyak angan-angan. dgr..2012 kiamat.
betul atau tak tahu.
percayakah sy tahun depan kiamat?

yg pasti.. kiamat mmg makin hampir.
org buat dosa tnpa segan silu.
bencana alam sana sini.
usahkan tnda kecil, tnda besar pn byk dh agaknya..

sbb.. sy tahu sy byk buat salah.

sy nk mintak ampun... sy rs.. mcm xlayak.
sy tahu..Allah maha Pengampun.

Ya Allah.. berilah aku kekuatan.
Dunia terlalu mempersona..
sedang aku tahu hakikat Syurga lg Indah.

kerana itu.. berilah aku kekuatan.

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an inspiring blog I read.

hye again.. hurm.. 
here to share something with you.

ok. disini sy bukan nak bergosip ke hape. pay attention n read till the last dot. alrite?


these 2 days.. I've been reading this one blog.

who's he?


I get to know this guy. well.. I just heard of him.. after I saw che wan's relationship status.
hopefully u guys smpai ke jinjang pelamin lah ye :)

but thats not the main point here.
I'm a person full of curiosity.
I wonder.. what kind of guy would che wan like.. bcuz obviously.. she's a really remarkable person I've ever known.

a little stalking.
ends to his blog.

he's a medic student.
president of medical student society or something. of Malaysia okay.
which obviously..means.. he's also a remarkable person.
c'mon. wudn't be easy to be that far.

he travels alot. meet great people.. people of pengaruh alot..
go to big occations alot.
be representative alot.
(hensem lak tu..haha :P)

what a person to know.

but.. the thing is..
the way he talks in his blog.
full english.
you can see maturity in his writings.

although, he might just the same age as me.
ok, maybe older..a year or two.
but that's not a really big gap isn't it?

I see he wrote mostly important things in his FB.
obviously not like me.. yg sgt byk brangan ini.
update status yg ntah pape.

another thing.. hm. he's a anak dato'
maybe it's a major reason he wud've a strong background.

but..c'mon. lets not be so skeptical.

he even proudly drive Proton Saga yg lama pnya version. crappy..he said.
he must've worked hard to be who he is now.
besides.. he's a doctor to be. medic student.
duhh.. org bijak2 je bleh dpt course medic kan.

so.. how come both of us sangat berbeza?
bcuz I lack determination? bcuz I didn't born in rich anak dato'?
bcuz of..what?

don't blame other people. blame myself.

it's not that i want to be him. neither do che wan.
(both suits each other greatly. oh my.. what a couple )
I just want to be the best of myself.

alrite zarin.. 2012 is nearing.
a great time to start.

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The Guy

here again. talking to myself.

hm.. lately.. well, actually.. since 4-5 months ago..
I..err... I..kinda...erm.. sort of... having.. a crush on this one guy..
(oh my, this is so embarrassing! ouuuhh)

the thing is.. how to let him know?
err...should I?
hm.. sometimes I think this is perhaps just a mind trick.

hm.. this guy.. well, i heard he liked(?) me..when I was in school days.
secret admirer la kununnye..hahaha..
(sungguh xsgka.. a dork n a shy person who rarely talk to boys other than those in her class)

but..maybe I don't pay such attention to rumors..
cuz I was keeping my heart to someone else at that time.

(n I also heard I was one of the girls yg femes kt skolah tu. femes di klgn senior? ironinye, i never knew it! haha.. i found it out just recently while chatting with my ex-schoolmate. aku : femes? haha.. lawak apekah?? diam2 cam ak pn bleh femes. yg ultimately mengherankan adelah..empunya badan xtahu menahu pon. seriusly.. spjg igtn ak la.. ak diam je dlu. byk ckp pn ngan bdk2 dorm or kelas.. or..some girls in my batch. ade sorg dua je yg usha.. tu pon batch ak.. tp ak..well.. xbrp nk accept la the idea.. cuz, as i mentioned b4.. there's someone else in my head. or heart? what ever.. )

xbley ckp la skola mana.. nnti obviously kantoi. heuheu..

erm.. me n this guy xdek history pon.
we talked (er.. actually..chatted) once. I knew that the fact he liked me from a fren. his fren actually. one or two years ago.. but, i don't take it that seriously cuz I thought "okay, thats a long gone story. perhaps he has a girlfriend now. too bad I know this late..hahha" 
ouh.. fyi, i knew that after being dumped. so.. it's ok lah nk pk cmtuh..kot.. hahaha

then, there's an event this year.. that.. errm.. well...(ahh.. this is so obvious, isn't it?)

ok fine! screw the secret! hahaha.. I'm so bad keeping this to myself. haha..

okay.. there's a reunion. many ex students gather again. he's there. sincerely, I do looked for him. nmpknye, still berharap kah? haha.. but we didn't talk. how can I talk? to a guy? that i never talked to? never have a thing to talk about? duhhh

after the event.. at home.. FB-ing.. some seniors added me. I approved. n one of them say hi to me, chatted a bit.. n told me.. that guy..The Guy I mean.. wants to get to know me.

oh my.. seriously?? or..perhaps he just saying that bcoz he knew The Guy was once a secret admirer of mine?
he kept on saying The Guy will say hello to me someday. 
and.. obviously, I was kinda waiting for it. hahha.. oh malunye saye >.<

not long after that.. The Guy did say Hello to me. 3am in the morning. He's on the chatlist. online. I was.. well.. couldn't sleep that night. I was so surprised. hahaha..

so we chatted. talked about studies..and what to do after grad.. n so on. 

n that's it. 

after that.. we haven't spoken until now. no development. *sigh*

haha.. well.. I did saw a girl.. on his wall.. posting something to him.. n saying hi n stuff..
maybe that's his gf? 
melepas lah sudah~

(dun laugh. i can guarantee u'll stalk the person you like. :P)

but it wasn't something so confirmed about.
yes they do seemed close.. but, no 'sayangs' or what ever lovers callings I can see.
but seeing 'awk' a bit of hurting lah jugak. haha.. i definitely can smell jealousy there.

so..what now? I can't help to stalk him. Is this love? wahaha.. so tricky =.=
soooo...cheesy.. hahaha..

love is another thing. this is just a 'like'. should I tell him? but..I'm not gonna say it.. too shy for that.
just.. how to let him know? or..should I really let him know?
what if he really hv a girl rite now? that would be very embarrassing.
so.. he won't know lah ni? then I won't stand a chance lah?
sad lah plk.
haha.. this crush thing is sick.

this kind of things? doksoh brangan lew..huhuks 

p/s: good to know my heart slowly opens.
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La Parfum Shop

yaw everybody! feelin' good?
ouf..where's my manner?

ok, Assalamualaikum~
xjwb dosa, jawab sayangg~~ ewahh

Zarin.. kamu.. sile.. jgn.. nak.. gedik2...pulaks..

haha.. eish.. skali skale nk ngade2..
okeng, xtvt berblogging agak slow lately. 
becuzz.. ade satu mnde yg sy cube nk usahakan.

guess what...
I'm now selling perfumes. 1st attempt into the so called business world. eheh..meh2 la jenguk ;)
~La Parfum Shop~ <--klik 
okay.. it's LAUNCHING time! :D since Christmas is also around the corner, I'm giving you RM5 discount for each perfume!! FREE postage also! Like the page, another RM2 discount! (am I crazy?) hohoho..

erk.. bg discount sempena krismas? adekah sy menyambutnye??
oh tentulah tidak. but somehow our customers yg bkn muslim pn nak jgk offer pape kan.

so..korangg kalo nk beli perfume, ckp kt sy je nk mana satu.. I'll try to give you very-the-cheap price.

 100% original ada..
yg reject nyer ori pun ada.. 
gred AAA pn ada..

just name it. nina ricci? ck? hugo boss? dior? givenchy? kalo xde dlm album, bleh request. I'll ask my supplier ;)

why I say cheap?
sebab barang xmasuk butik..or market lg.. so, sy pulak xde nak tanggung sewa kedai ke..ape ke..
cheap2 je sudah la kann?? ;)
item pun direct drp supplier~

kite pn baru nak mula..huhu..

so, do kindly visit the page. like. n search.
inshaAllah sy akan buat byk promosi..

knape tetibe perfum Zarin?

ahah.. sebab.. sy..suke..bau wangiii~~
kalo nk tido, mesti spray dlu kasi wangi..
baru bestt..;D
tp, xmampu la den nak beli perfum mahal2 just utk spray bilik kann?
gred AAA pn da ok..

ape bnda perfum gred AAA ni smenanye??

ouh.. ianya perfum. hm.. some say it's an immitation. some said 90% yg ori cmpur 10% alcohol.. so thats why lasting power dy kureng compared to ori punya..
so korg nk percaya yg mana? :p least 4-6 jam lah jugak. xde la skjap bebeno. depends on perfum lah jugak.

but if u hv bigger budget.. i suggest u go for ori ones la. cuz.. ada yg lasting smpai seharian! slh satu contoh acqua di gioia.. spray ari ni, esok pn boleh bau lg.. tp dh hawa2 la.. tu da kre extreme da bleh tahan smpai 1 hari. anyway, still depends pd perfum jgk.. sbb acqua di gioia tu, logic la.. sbb lg concentrated..

uih.. mcm hape je promot.. hehe..
apepun, sile2lah dtg melawat La Parfum Shop yek ;)
p/s: nk cter mnde len sbnrnye.. haih.. simpan utk next time lah.. heuheu
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bila saya da ckup duit nanti..
saya nak beli dslr sebijik.
tak kira!